What is the Best Mailing List Service?


When it comes to sending out emails to your list, there are several options. MailChimp, Substack, Moosend, and Sendinblue are just a few. We will discuss each one in more detail below. If you’re not sure which one to use, try this free trial of MailChimp and see if it fits your needs. It might surprise you that MailChimp is better than all of them.

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Mailchimp is a powerful email marketing tool. Its AI-powered creative assistant automatically creates designs based on your brand’s data. If you’re familiar with HTML coding, you can import custom templates from other sources. Mailchimp also has an API. The documentation is clear, and you can even use libraries for popular programming languages to integrate your email marketing into your website. While Mailchimp’s API is a powerful tool, it’s not as intuitive as some other services.


If you’re looking for a great mailing list service that will help you publish and distribute your newsletter easily, then Substack is for you. You can create and send newsletters daily without any technical expertise, and Substack earns a share of paid subscription fees. You can even use Substack to host a basic website or podcast. WordPress, one of the most popular website builders, integrates seamlessly with most leading email newsletter services. With WordPress, you can create a membership website, eCommerce store, or podcast.


Moosend is a European email marketing service provider that helps small businesses send out newsletters and other forms of marketing communication. You can create, manage, and track email marketing campaigns using their web app. They also offer comprehensive reporting tools. Moosend is free for a small number of subscribers. Moosend also offers a paid plan with 1,000 subscribers and 3,000 monthly emails. There are a few drawbacks to this service.


There are several reasons to choose Sendinblue as your mailing list provider. The platform allows for the segmentation of your subscribers and contacts based on their declared interests. Additionally, you can embed a variety of third-party software and integrations, including CRM tools, payment processing systems, and eCommerce tools. In addition, you can import your own custom HTML email templates, which give you a great deal of creative control. Sendinblue also automatically blacklists email addresses that don’t meet their requirements.


If you’re looking for the best mailing list service, look no further than ClickSend. Not only does this service come with an extensive library of email templates, but it also boasts an industry-leading 97% email delivery rate, as well as advanced reporting. However, there are some things you should be wary of. Read on to learn more about some of the downsides of using ClickSend as your mailing list service.


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