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70-80% of search engine users ignore the paid ads, focusing on the organic results.

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Organic search traffic is, and continues to be, what a successful website thrives upon. Organic search traffic identifies as the most targeted traffic possible. For example, when you type something into Google’s search engine, it is often because you are hoping to find an answer or some sort of solution to a problem. Whether you’ve locked your keys in the car and hope to find a mobile locksmith, or you’ve twisted your ankle and think it may be broken. Search engines exist as a tool to provide information for people looking for answers. It assists them in making informed decisions.

When it comes to search traffic, you are granted the exclusive opportunity to present your offer in front of potential customers who just so happen to be searching for the exact product or service you are offering. Consider the magnitude of that statement. Search engines afford you the opportunity to place your offer in front of the right person at exactly the right moment.

Omaha SEO

Search Engines Have Become Highly Competitive


Since organic search traffic is so targeted, it has become a highly ambitious market. Considering the fact that there are over two billion websites operating on the internet today, your website must be appropriately SEO optimized for search engines if you hope to have a chance to make a dent in pursuit of that prized search traffic you so desperately need.

How Does SEO Work?


Google considers more than 200 unique factors when ranking a page in its search results. Do you know what Google is looking for? It is looking to find out if a website can be considered an authority in its niche market and if it possesses the content that people are looking for. When these to aspects partner up and work in harmony, only then will you have a decent chance at performing well enough to make it to the top of the organic search rankings.

If you are offering the content people are hoping to find but your website is still in its infancy, you, unfortunately, won’t be seen as having the authority to rank at the top of the search page. Time is what it takes to let Google know that you are the authority in your niche. Because of this, it is necessary to remain patient with the process of performing well in organic search rankings. On the flip side, when that patience starts to pay off it will all be worth it because you will be attracting massive amounts of targeted traffic for essentially nothing. Now, that’s good business.

Although it may feel a bit counterintuitive, it is important to be aware that Google is formed by bots whose sole purpose is to index the web. They crawl websites, essentially reading the code of each site, to establish what the website is about and how and where it should rank in Google’s search results. By communicating in the language of the Google bots, you have the ability to optimize your own website in order to let Google and other search engines know what is your website is trying to convey. This process allows you to rank higher when it comes to the type in keywords that are related to what it is you are offering.

Why Omaha SEO Is Important For Online Success?

Research has shown that over 80% of every online interaction begins with a search engine request. Plainly stated: when people go online to look for a particular product or service, a search engine is their first destination. Think about it. What else do people do online? Check emails? Hang ours on social media? The key take away from this research is that a large portion of your business is probably going to originate from a simple internet search on one of the large search engines, such as Google.

Since 80% of every online interaction begins with a search engine, you must recognize the importance of showing up in the search results when people are hoping to find whatever it is you are offering. Unfortunately, with over two billion competing websites online, it is not particularly easy to have your business populate on search engine pages.

Why Are Search Engines So Competetive?

Another interesting fact is that over 50% of all search traffic on Google finds its way to the top three results. This is according to Google’s own statistics! This translates to Google having tens of thousands of competing sites vying to rank for the same keywords within the same niche. This highly competitive scene necessitates deep SEO expertise to be effective.

If you are finding yourself behind the metaphorical 8-ball when trying to understand what is needed to maximize your SEO, odds are your competition has already worked it out. Check the search results. Are you on the first page? Several of your competitors are already positioned at the top of the Google search and are attracting the bulk of the traffic. But fear not, there is still hope and you can beat them out over time.

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How Can SEO Affect Your Business?

The most interesting aspect about organic search traffic is that it is essentially free of charge. Not only is it the most sought after, effective, and highly targeted traffic, it is completely free! Without the need to invest money to get a piece of the action, this market is doubly affected and anyone has the means to play.

Since organic search traffic does not cost you anything in terms of money, it offers you an easier opportunity to scale your business. For instance, if all of your traffic is being driven to your site through paid ads on Facebook or Google, that’s how you get your business. So, if you stopped payment on these ads, that also means you would stop getting traffic an, in turn, stop making sales. This does not apply when it comes to organic search traffic.

When organic search traffic is involved, as soon as you are ranking and driving traffic to your website, videos, or additional content, that traffic will continue to flow to your site as long as your rankings continue. If you find yourself in a niche market with a fair amount of organic search traffic, this plays highly in your favor. Consider the effects of 5,000 website visitors per month costing the same as 10,000 visitors! The ability to scale at the same cost is highly beneficial.

SEO Is A Vital Piece To An Effective Marketing System

If you’re not capitalizing on this highly targeted and free source of traffic, it is quite difficult to make an impression in cyberspace. It may not be entirely impossible but experiencing a constant flow of organic search traffic can greatly benefit your business and its long-term growth.

A productive marketing system takes advantage of all its tools, particularly one as valuable as organic search traffic. A tool that generates high-impact customers at razor-thin margins is something that cannot, and should not, be ignored. This will help your business maintain steady growth over time. If you are hoping to win at the internet, people need to be able to locate you and have the opportunity to buy what you’re selling.

Even though organic search traffic is highly targeted, it is vital to never forget that you must have an attractive offer and messaging on your site if you hope to convert your visitors into paying customers. SEO is a vital component of a comprehensive marketing strategy, but it will not function on its own. You need all the pieces of the puzzle in order to be truly prosperous.

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