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Why Is Our Digital Marketing Activation Audit So Important?


In order to figure out exactly WHY your online marketing isn’t working, we have to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your entire online presence. We need to break down each individual element to figure out where the broken links are in your online marketing system. From there, we can work on building a solid long-term online marketing strategy for your business that will generate 3 to 5x returns in a matter of months.

Digital Activation Audit

How The Audit Works

Through our Digital Marketing Activation Audit, we are able to break down your entire online presence and determine exactly what’s working and what’s not.

We look at your website, social media profiles, Adwords campaigns, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Web Master Tools, and everything in between. This allows us to determine where customers are falling off.

From there we work out a strategy to get your business back on track. We clue you in on exactly what needs to be done to take your online marketing to the next level and then we implement it.

NOTE: The Digital Marketing Activation Audit varies in price depending on the scope and scale of your industry and your current online presence.

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Client Testimonials

Did an outstanding job in enabling our nonprofit to accept online payments using our preferred vendor, and helping us with some technical hurdles that entailed.

G. Heine

Very knowledgeable about what he is doing. Almost always has an immediate answer to our questions. Thanks!

R. Jewett

Was very patient and understanding of my scenario which was very important because I’m sure I was one of his most challenging clients !!

S. Moulding

Great to work with, expedient in his work, very knowledgeable and at an affordable price

G. Stephens