Lead Nurturing Systems

The statistics show that on average, your website visitor needs to see your offer 8-13 times before making a decision to call you.

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Building A Relationship With Your Audience


Lead nurturing is a term many are unfamiliar with. It is a process of cultivating relationships with prospective buyers at each step of the sales funnel and through every stage of the buyer’s journey. It’s human nature – people prefer to make monetary exchanges from people with whom they are familiar, people they trust, and even people they like. Over time, with the cultivation of a proper relationship, trust, familiarity, and an appreciation and fondness can form. Sales is about filling a need in the best manner possible. A salesperson, however, is personifying that best manner through the best in human interaction.

Without a developed relationship, it may not be difficult to ask someone to buy from you, but it certainly may be difficult for them to follow through. As a critical consumer, if you don’t know much about an entity, why it’s unique, what it offers, its value compared to it competitors, and so on, would you make a blind purchase? The answer is probably not, so it is tough to want to ask that of your own prospective buyers. The online businesses that are the most successful have one thing in common: they have cultivated a relationship with their customers over a period of time. They have developed loyalty and offered a back and forth that consumers appreciate. It is very rare that a successful company only have one interaction with their customer. Actually, their current and prospective clientele are very likely to see company’s offers and services pop up in their Facebook feed and email inbox. This is a calculated move and a vital component to their success.

Why Is A Lead Nurturing System So Important?

Research has shown that the magic number lies somewhere between 8 and 13. This means that a potential buyer needs to experience your offer between 8 and13 times before the decision to purchase is made. Common sense tells us that not too many people make a purchase after seeing an offer only one time. Based on an Episerver figure, 92% of consumers will visit a company’s website for the first time for motives beyond making a purchase. In essence, just 8% of website visitors show up with the intention to buy.

Converting More Customers


A good question to ask is: why are there so many visitors, yet so few buyers? In the age of the internet, we not only have multiple options of what to buy and where to go, but we also have an untold amount of information on both. Traditionally, before people actually make a purchase, they go online and perform research. In fact, web surfing is one of the most popular hobbies people have!

Prospective buyers log on to Google and check out each and every option they can. Next, they will compare different offers and ultimately make a decision on where they want to spend their hard-earned money. It is a process, but one in which you can get out in front.

To capitalize on your conversions and maximize your traffic, it is imperative that a connection with your potential buyer be made and held onto throughout the entire progression of the sale. As soon as they land on your website to when they decide to make a purchase, you need to be an invisible hand guiding their decision.

So, How Exactly Does A Lead Nurturing System Work?

Since people seldom make a purchase on the first visit, a lead nurturing system is the best tactic to employ. A lead nurturing system ensures your visitors have an opportunity to experience your offer multiple times by following them to different sites, including social media. A very popular method of following up with prospective customers is through email.

How often have you seen a free PDF download giveaway? This is a common method that results in the exchange of information for an email address. Should you get a visitor and they are open to this exchange, then you now have an email connection that you can use for follow-ups over time.

You can target these new prospects via email at particular junctions in the buying cycle, therefore increasing your ability to make a sale. Once you possess a potential customer’s email, that customer becomes more accessible over time as your relationship becomes stronger. An automated email series is a strong method to encourage the development of a strong relationship. An automated email series can introduce your company, what makes you special, and continue to cultivate this important connection so your buyer feels more comfortable spending their money with you. This tactic will considerably raise your chances of closing the deal.

How Could A Lead Nurturing System Impact Your Business?

When done the right way, we can assume a proper lead nurturing system will boost overall conversions by as much as 11 times! How is this possible? Since only 8% of your visitors are actually looking to make a purchase, your relationship with the other 92% will eventually pay off if these potential buyers see your offer enough. If you can properly benefit from this 92 %, then your sales will improve exponentially.

Once you have decidedly targeted traffic visiting your website, there is a strong probability that you have made the decision to invest time and money in order to make that happen. If you are already making the investment needed to get that traffic, then you will want to ensure you are receiving the most return of investment possible. A lead nurturing system does just that.

By having returning visitors, you are creating and maintaining a connection with them. Because of this relationship, you can actually convert your visitors into buyers. The more you chip away at that 92% of visiting traffic, the more your bottom line will grow. Online marketing is one of the most valuable and profitable customer acquisition tools available.

Lead Nurturing Is A Vital Piece Of An Effective Marketing System

Just having a web presence with a site that is meant to convert traffic will not be sufficient if you are looking to profit from your online marketing process. A vital component of this process is follow up. You must – we repeat, you must – stay in front of your audience as much as possible in order to make the most of your traffic.

Once this process is operating smoothly, it will lock into place with your website and traffic generation tactics. Then you will experience an increase in conversion and, in turn, a dramatic increase in sales. It is very difficult to run a profitable online campaign when you are only converting 1 or 2% of your visitors. With the employment of a proficient lead nurturing system, you will be able to see a conversion of 5 to 10 times are more. That’s a staggering return on investment and a tactic you just cannot ignore.