The Marketing Thesis

With over 2 billion websites online today, your marketing message needs to separate you from the crowd.

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It All Starts With Your Marketing Message

Just like those research papers, you enjoyed writing so much in high school and college, a marketing thesis is the core argument on which your entire marketing offer is based. In order to attract new customers and keep existing customers, you must be able to clearly and concisely explain what you have to offer and why it is worth the customer’s attention, time, and money.

It is all too common for fledgling business owners to put up a template-based website and expect to generate business. The internet is a huge place with nearly 2 billion websites. Yes, you read that right. If you are lucky enough to have someone actually find your site in the vastness of cyberspace, you cannot expect them to start blindly purchasing. You need searchable content that is based upon a solid marketing argument.

The internet is a constantly evolving place. Not that long ago, it was not unheard of to start a website with basic information and offers and have it generate a few sales. And, it was not long after that, that people quickly realized how much money could be made online. Throughout time, more and more companies have gotten wise to the concept and are joining this ever-growing crowd of expectant business owners. As the online market gets more crowded, it is up to the smart business owner to take steps to stand out and, provide an offer that their prospects find of value and decide to purchase.

Everyone Wants In On The Action

Those of you that call small towns and cities home are faced with the same challenges. Handymen, carpenters, and even lawyers cannot just hang a shingle in the window and expect knocks on the door. You are now locally and nationally competing against sites like Home Advisor, Angie’s List, Legal Zoom, and more. Oftentimes, Craigslist is the source for needed services. All of these companies, with the exception of Craigslist, might spend much more in marketing than you receive in gross sales. How can you compete? One thing for sure is that these companies have understood the return on investment of a compelling marketing thesis and its ability to attract web visitors and prospective clients.

The term “riches are in the niches” still applies, but these “niches” are, themselves, becoming more popular. Long gone are the days when just having an original or unique idea was enough to generate web traffic and subsequent sales. Now, you must present a compelling and captivating message or offer that, not only stands out from the competition but is attractive enough to take away business from the thousands of online competitors that operate in your market space.

Why Is Your Marketing Thesis So Important

There is so much more to just having a website. How are you going to stand out from the billions of sites that are out there? Did you know that it is estimated that tens of thousands of new sites are popping up each and every day? How many are operating in your space and vying for your target audience? These are important questions to ask and, more importantly, find a solution for. Unfortunately, your site and a “Hey, buy from me” marketing message just won’t get it done anymore.

In order to stand out in your market and be successful online, you absolutely must present your marketing message in an effective manner. It is not enough to just blatantly advertise your goods and/or services. You must present your business offering in a way that is intellectually and emotionally appealing to your target audience. Your goal should be to set yourself apart from the crowd, while accurately depicted why you should be the one to earn the business of your potential customers.

Unless your marketing thesis has covered all the bases of overcoming objections, touching the visitor on an emotional level, and intelligently resonating with them, you will find that it is hard to be successful. But, when you do have all of these facets in perfect alignment, you should expect a marked increase in sales.

What Can An Effective Marketing Thesis Do For Your Business?

A proper marketing thesis is a bedrock upon which all your marketing campaigns are built.  You must distinctly demonstrate what it is you are offering and how it is better than the competition. The same can be said with your online marketing approach. In order to truly be successful in either the local market or the online market, an effective marketing thesis is a must.

Consider this example of a client of ours who make a go of it on their own. He set up a website, generated some traffic, and actually made quite a few sales through the site on a fairly regular basis. The problem was, he wasn’t realizing the full potential of his business because he had not set up a proper marketing plan with a solid marketing thesis. Recognizing this need for improvement, he reached out to us and we employed our digital activation audit to construct a proper and effective marketing thesis. Take a look at the results he experienced after partnering with us and implementing his newly engineered messaging to his online marketing (see the case study on our home page).

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Could Your Marketing Argument Be Holding You Back?

If you do not have an effective marketing thesis, you are undoubtedly leaving money on the table. Most of the time, people stumble upon your business when online. Presumably, they were looking for general information to help them investigate the best option for a buying decision and happened to find your website. This is a fortunate occurrence for you but unless they find that you have a superior offer, they will purchase from the business that does.

No matter, they are at your site or social media page. Now what? If you get their interest and have an attractive offer, you have a shot at earning their business. On the other hand, if what you are offering does not interest them, they’ll move on to a better choice.

Out of the nearly two billion websites in existence, it’s a certainty that there is competition in your niche and a foregone conclusion that many of them operate with a compelling marketing thesis. If you expect to gain some traction in your space, the safe bet is to create an offer better than anyone else. Now you stand out and can pull customers away from your competitors.

How Your Marketing Thesis Ties Everything Together

In order to realize the full potential in your online market, you must have a strong marketing thesis that converts prospects into customers. Without this marketing pillar, your business will have a much tougher chance of attracting new business.

Consistency is yet another aspect of your online marketing plan that must be considered. If a prospective buyer finds different information on your website versus one of your (hopefully) many social media accounts, they are going to be confused – and rightfully so. It is imperative that you recognize the importance of the guiding properties your marketing thesis contains and employ it across the entire spectrum of your marketing presence. This even includes marketing that is not online. The more you are seen, the more familiar you become, and the more comfortable buyers will be when approaching you – online or in person.

Your marketing thesis should consistently be applied across all your marketing. This means that your social media, email campaigns, paid ads, and any other marketing combination should follow your marketing thesis. An effective and compelling marketing thesis is the first pillar of our Digital Activation Marketing System!