What is an image alt text?

Alt Text

Alt tags can be used on websites to explain the purpose of images. They are used by search engines when they rank your site but are also very useful to ensure that your images are found in searches. An image alt text is the alternative textual description you provide for an image if you hover over the picture in question. It will appear when someone can’t read your website’s font.

Image alt texts are extremely important when it comes to online marketing. An image alt text is essentially a brief description of the picture that you provide to search engines. For example, let’s say you’re taking a picture of your new car and you want to include the model name in the picture.

Alt-text is one of the most important things you can add to your images. This is the information that is visible when a user hovers over an image on a webpage. So if you don’t know what an alt text is, you’re losing money on your website every day. Without alt-text, your image will still load in the browser but won’t display properly. You’ll see a blank box where your image should be. That’s money wasted. So don’t make this mistake – your images need alt text!


Alt-text is the textual description of an image on a web page that is displayed when someone does not view the image properly. The default alt text for an image is its name, which could be a person’s name or title, or a location such as a city or street address. The alt tag is a way of giving the image a title that is different from the name of the image. You must add an alt tag to images that are part of your site’s navigation since search engines won’t read the image name as the alt tag.

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