What are the best tools to generate SEO reports?

Best Tools to Generate SEO Reports

There are many SEO reporting tools available, but which ones are the best? Here are a few recommendations: Moz, Ahrefs, Google Data Studio, and Screaming Frog. Use one or all of them depending on your budget and needs. Alternatively, you can create customized reports for each client or project. Using an SEO reporting tool can help you understand your website’s performance in the SERPs and boost your ranking in the SERPs.

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A link analysis report is important for several reasons. It offers a variety of data about backlinks from different websites, including their Quality Score, Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Spam Score. Link analysis is important for optimizing your website’s content while analyzing your competitors’ backlinks can help you find opportunities to boost your site’s ranking. If you’re not confident about your link structure, you can also use Moz’s Spam Score to determine whether any links from your competitors are spam.

Another useful feature is the Onpage Grader, which provides actionable optimization tips based on 30 criteria. This tool can help you determine whether a keyword is good or not by giving it a priority score based on search volume, competition, and organic CTR. You can also use Keyword Explorer to generate keyword ideas and find similar keywords. You can filter by keyword difficulty, competition, and sitemap, and see how similar sites rank for the keyword you are trying to target.


The Ahrefs report will give you detailed information on the number of backlinks on your site, the referring pages, and the domain rating. You can also see the CPC and volume of traffic for specific keywords. Ahrefs can also provide you with a competitive analysis of your competitors. This tool is free to use and can be set up within minutes. You can even customize your report with your metrics.

Another great feature of Ahrefs is its keyword research capability. It can help you identify the keywords that are most difficult to rank for. This tool also provides you with competitive density, clicks, and CPC. Another feature of Ahrefs is its Site Audit, which can find technical issues with your website. Semrush also has a keyword database that rivals Ahrefs, including 20 billion keywords.

Google Data Studio

With the right analytics tools, SEO campaigns can be successful. Fortunately, Google provides a tool called Google Data Studio that can make SEO reports visually stunning. It pulls data from more than 500 sources to create easy-to-understand reports. Whether you use Google Analytics or Search Console, you can import data into Data Studio for free. You can even import data from BigQuery or PostgreSQL databases. With just a few clicks, you can create SEO reports in minutes.

You can change the date range to generate custom SEO reports. You can even add text headers to make navigation easier. You can also include images for branding purposes. To upload images, you can draw a box and select the image in the right sidebar. Then, you’re ready to export SEO reports! Once you’ve exported SEO reports, you’ll be able to share them with clients.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a powerful SEO reporting tool that can help you keep track of your website’s SEO performance. This tool is extremely flexible, enabling you to get the information you need without having to spend days and weeks on research. It includes options for audits, canonical link elements, and HTTP headers. You can even narrow down the data you want to view based on specific countries and devices.

Screaming Frog can help you analyze your competitors’ sites, their internal linking structures, and broken links on your site. The tool also offers you the ability to build XML sitemaps and upload them to Google. You can also use it to check whether your website is secure by using the Insecure Content Report. This can help you know if your website is safe from hackers. While the reports generated from Screaming Frog can be very helpful, there are some limitations to using this tool.


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