How Often Is Keyword Research Necessary?

Higher search rankings bring in more free clicks. 28% of search queries are directed to the top organic result, while only 5% go to the 6th. Keyword research helps you determine the words and phrases that your potential customers would use to search for your products and services. This step is important because your target audience does not always think in terms of what your business offers, so the words and phrases you use may not accurately reflect what they are looking for.

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Can you afford not to do keyword research?

One of the most important things a business can do is keyword research. Not only does keyword research help you find topics that your target audience is interested in, but it also helps you determine which words and phrases people are most likely to use when searching for information. Once you’ve analyzed the search volume for these terms, you can start preparing content that will appeal to those searches. Here are the benefits of keyword research for your business:

First, don’t overdo it. Keywords don’t bring you profit, but they do bring people. The best keywords will bring you the kind of readership that is most likely to purchase, try, or buy your products. Many people make the mistake of selecting keywords based on metrics like keyword difficulty or volume. While metrics such as cost per click and keyword difficulty are helpful, they’re useless if you’re not targeting the right audience. Even high-volume keywords don’t bring much profit if nobody searches for them. Similarly, tons of unqualified searchers are not as valuable as a few highly qualified leads.

Can you afford not to do competitor-based keyword research?

Doing competitor-based keyword research can help you improve your SEO and PPC campaigns. There are numerous tools available, including SaaS that are free. To get the best results, select a tool that is right for your specific needs. Here are a few tools to help you out:

While it is tempting to use the best keyword research tools to generate the most targeted traffic, you should also monitor the SERPs. It’s important to see which content is ranked on top for the terms that your competitors are targeting. This will give you some inspiration for your campaigns. Using a tool such as SEMRush can help you do this. It also helps you spy on your competitors.

Can you afford not to do long-tail keyword research?

Everyone wants to rank on the first page of Google for their primary keywords. Using tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, you can identify which keywords are performing best for you. However, most small businesses do not have the budget for hiring great web designers, video producers, and product photographers. This is why they need to target more specific keywords to maximize traffic. This type of research helps them rank for more specific keywords, such as reusable water bottle or’ or’reusable’.

Long-tail keywords are those that require more time and effort to search for. There are many places where you can find these keywords, such as your Google Analytics and social media reports, YouTube video stats, and Google My Business Listing insights. For the most part, they are relatively rare and have low competition, making them a more effective way to target targeted visitors. Using these keywords can help you save money on advertising because long-tail keyword research allows you to get more traffic without spending more.


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