What are The Most Important Google Ranking Factors?

What are The Most Important Google Ranking Factors?

Among the many ranking factors, there are several that you should be aware of. Listed below are some of the most important ones to remember: Backlinks, Page experience, Freshness, and Inbound links. These factors are all equally important and are important for your site to rank well. Make sure that you are implementing all of these factors in your content and you’ll see huge results! However, there are a number of factors that you should avoid.


If you’re wondering how backlinks help you get higher SERP positions on Google, then you’re not alone. In fact, research by SEMrush showed that the more backlinks to a website, the higher the page’s ranking on Google will be. High-quality sites with thousands of backlinks to their pages are more likely to rank highly, which is great news for you.

Page experience

While Google is notoriously tight-lipped about its ranking factors, it recently announced that page experience is one of the most important. After reviewing industry research and internal reviews, the company has concluded that users prefer sites with better page experiences. A site that loads faster and is mobile-friendly will typically rank higher than one with a poorly designed, confusing navigation. As more publishers take note of these changes, the next step is to improve page experience on your site.


Google’s algorithm is based on the notion that pages that are fresher receive higher rankings. The age of a page is not the only factor that affects freshness. The amount of change on a page also matters. Even small changes have the potential to impact rankings. In 2011, Google filed a patent to prevent such practices. As a result, it is vital for businesses to continually update their content.

Inbound links

When you write content, the best way to improve the credibility of your site is to have inbound links to it. This way, you’ll be showing your authority and helping readers learn more about the topic. Outbound links also boost your site’s credibility by providing additional information to your readers. Internal links are just as important. They help tie ideas together and demonstrate completeness of your resource. If your resource contains high-quality links, Google will consider it an authoritative site.

Brand mentions

While it may not seem like it, brand mentions are an important factor for boosting your SEO. A brand mention is when people talk about a company. This is great news for marketers because it indicates a high level of brand awareness. After all, people tend to trust what they know, and they’re more likely to purchase something from a company if they’re familiar with it. But what is a brand mention and how do you use it to your advantage?

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