Best Tools to Measure Digital Marketing Performance?

We’re all aware that digital marketing is changing the way we market and interact with businesses—but measuring the impact of your digital marketing efforts can be tricky.

Your digital marketing campaign is a complex endeavor, involving many different tasks. You have to measure the effectiveness of each of these tasks, but how do you do it? This eBook provides the answers to this and other important questions about measuring digital marketing performance, including: What factors should you measure? Which metrics matter? How do you evaluate your overall campaign? What should you measure to increase ROI? How should you measure a PPC campaign? And much more!

If you’re looking to measure your digital marketing performance, there’s no easy way. And if you’re looking to track a specific metric, chances are, it doesn’t exist yet. Use Google Analytics to monitor your website traffic. If you’re on Shopify, use their inbuilt analytics. If you’re not on Shopify, use Google Analytics.

In conclusion, the digital performance indicators we used to monitor our SEO, conversion, and retention performance were key metrics. They were also crucial to our decision to invest further in our marketing program and new campaigns. With each passing day, we became more aware of the significance of a robust web presence and the benefits that came with it.

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