What is Long Form Content?

Your long-form content will be the first impression your audience receives from your company. And as I stated before, long-form content isn’t a quick win; it takes a lot of time to create, so make sure that your audience is worth investing the time to create something great. As content marketing becomes the norm and social media the platform of choice, your posts are likely to get longer.

The key to writing long-form content is having a purpose. Most content writers focus on a few big ideasMapa or the topic at hand. But, what happens when you have a small number of topics to cover, and only a little time? Instead, you need to focus on the bigger picture. Find a central idea that relates to everything else. Don’t make the mistake of being too general. If you’re trying to market your services or products, for example, be clear about what you do, who you serve, and why they should hire you. If you’re writing content for your company, be sure to use relevant data and facts to prove a point. Don’t go off on tangents. You’ll never catch people’s attention if you do. Instead, stick to the big picture. Once you have that idea, break it down into the smallest pieces possible. Be specific. Then, write those pieces. This will give you the foundation to write about multiple subjects.

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