What is SEO Wikipedia?

SEO Wikipedia?

what is seo wikipedia

If you’re looking to gain links, you’ve probably heard about Wikipedia, but what is SEO Wikipedia? Wikipedia is a powerful resource for link building, content marketing, and entity research. Unlike traditional link building, Wikipedia uses an attribute known as “no follow” to ensure search engines do not count external links as part of the website. This attribute is especially beneficial for businesses, as it allows you to get more links without having to pay to use your domain.

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The Wikipedia article is also free and open to edit, making it a valuable resource for SEO. Since any member of the community is allowed to edit the articles, you can include your links within the content. Even though Wikipedia articles do not directly help your webpage in the eyes of Google, their free and open-source nature makes them a great way to gain backlinks for a website. In 2007, Wikipedia implemented the policy on all outbound links.

Wikipedia’s page on Search Engine Optimization discusses many aspects of SEO. From White Hat techniques to modern marketing strategies, Wikipedia’s page authority is over 100. Most likely, the high number of backlinks contributes to Wikipedia’s page authority. However, despite this high page authority, Wikipedia is still an excellent resource for SEO. The following are some examples of the benefits of using Wikipedia. All of these techniques have a .positive impact on your website’s visibility. For SEO services contact us today, Omaha SEO!


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