What are the doorway pages?

Google’s doorways (or doorway pages) are getting smarter. With the help of Google, businesses are able to target their audience and rank higher in search results. We all know the value of a well-designed and optimized website that can deliver conversions and leads.

For businesses that rely heavily on search engines to generate traffic, it’s vital to ensure that your online presence is optimized for the most popular keywords and phrases related to your brand. However, many business owners overlook the importance of doorways as a strategy for boosting their SEO. Doorways (also known as “page one results”) offer a way to direct visitors from search engines directly to your website’s landing page. With a doorway page, you can target specific keywords to increase conversions and generate leads, as well as attract potential customers to your website who may have been searching for a different term.

There are two types of landing pages that I recommend you focus on. The first type is called a “Doorway Page.” This is a type of landing page where the main purpose is to generate leads for a specific product or service. Think about it this way: if you wanted to sell something online, what would you show someone when they came to your website? Maybe you’d show a picture of the product or service. But how would you entice the visitor to click on the button to buy? You’d probably have some kind of call to action. In other words, you’d offer the customer a solution to a problem. A doorway page is very similar, except instead of selling, you’re offering a solution to a problem. Think about it this way: let’s say you’re running a website for a local florist. If you ran a webinar, it might look something like this: “How to pick the best flower arrangement for Mother’s Day.”

In conclusion, the goal of a doorway page is to capture email addresses and build up a list so that you can send more targeted, relevant emails to your leads in the future. Once you set up a doorway page, it should look very similar to your primary website, but instead of having a homepage, it should redirect visitors to a specific landing page. When you’re looking for new leads, doorways are one of the easiest ways to generate them. By setting up a doorway page, you can generate new leads for your business, and in turn, improve your organic traffic to your main website.

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