Is Duplicate Content Bad for SEO?

One thing you should know about duplicate content and SEO is that if you are creating content that doesn’t help your SEO, it’s actually harming your website and negatively impacting your SEO.

“If you’re thinking about using a duplicate content checker to see whether you’ve accidentally produced pages that are identical to ones you’ve already published, you’re going to be surprised by what you find. While a lot of online marketers are familiar with the idea of duplicate content and its implications, most don’t know the extent to which it exists. The number of pages with duplicate content on websites around the globe is staggering.”

SEO is one of the talking-about topics in marketing. People often think of it as a dirty word, and it is. However, if you have a well-thought-out strategy and are talked-about optimization, you should expect to see search engine rankings rise. Many people get caught up in what they believe to be a black-and-white definition of SEO. As the saying goes, “SEO is not black and white.” There are two main categories of SEO On-page optimization and off-page optimization. On-page optimization involves things like keyword optimization and internal linking. Off-page optimization is when you link to relevant websites. Off-page optimization is a more powerful way to drive traffic to your website. You want to get people to link back to your website. In fact, people who create valuable content and link to other sites to create relationships and build trust are considered influence people on social media. So, let’s take a closer look at to create relationships and build what you need them, and how they affect your search engine optimization (SEO). Looking for SEO marketing companies? Contact us today!


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