Best Times to Post on Pinterest That Will Help Drive Traffic!

Best Times to Post on Pinterest That Will Help Drive Traffic!

To maximize the traffic generated by Pinterest, you should post at certain times of the day. The most effective times to post on social network are on Friday and Saturday. However, this schedule depends on the target audience. For example, if you are targeting Americans, you should post at the time when your target audience is most active.

Tailwind’s Smart Scheduler

The Smart Scheduler on Tailwind allows you to create recurring postings to Pinterest. You can set up loops for different topics or you can use one type of loop for your entire board. Once you’ve set up your loops, you can choose how often you want your articles to appear and what time they should be posted. This way, you don’t have to worry about manually posting every time you want to promote a new article or blog post.

Once you have the app installed on your computer, you can start scheduling your Pinterest posts. Make sure to pin to the most relevant boards first, and don’t overdo it in the beginning – you don’t want to overwhelm your followers with the same pins all the time! You can easily schedule your posts by hovering over your pins and clicking the “Schedule” button. Moreover, you can designate a specific number of posts per day, based on your pricing plan. Tailwind also has a feature that allows you to add an image and description to your Pinterest posts.

Before using Tailwind’s Smart Scheduler for posting to Pinterest, you should decide on the number of pins you want to post each day. If you’re not sure about how many pins you want to share each day, you can begin with five pins per day and increase them one pin per day. Analyze your results and adjust accordingly.

One of the main advantages of Tailwind’s Smart Scheduler is that it allows you to bulk create content and schedule it to be published on Pinterest. This will save you time, money, and effort. You can also use Tailwind’s Create to design images and schedule them to be published on your Pinterest board. The software also has guides that guide you through the process of scheduling your posts on Pinterest.

Target audience’s habits

It is crucial to post on Pinterest at certain times if you want your Pins to have the most reach. Usually, the best time to post on Pinterest is in the morning and the evening, but there are other times that are equally beneficial. Most Pinterest users visit the platform during these times.

In order to determine the best times to post on Pinterest, you need to monitor the activities of your target audience. You can do this by examining the activities of your competitors and niche influencers. In the example below, you can see that Tastemade posts on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you are promoting a product or service, it is likely that you will want to post during these times.

You can also use Pinterest analytics to track when people are most likely to visit your website. This is a great way to gauge the success of your efforts and track the effectiveness of your posts. It can also help you determine the best days of the week to post new content. Using these tools will give you an idea of when to post on Pinterest, and when not to post.

If you are trying to grow your following on Pinterest, make sure to post relevant content at the right times. You can also boost your Pinterest visibility by getting a large number of repins. Pinterest is an excellent social media platform for building a following. To increase the chances of getting a lot of repins, try to post at least once a day.

In order to reach new audiences on Pinterest, you need to know your target audience and follow their interests. You should also look for industry trends to improve engagement. Studies show that 46% of consumers find brands that engage with their audience on social media sites the most engaging. Try to experiment with your content and messaging until you find what works for you. This way, you’ll get a better idea of how to optimize your posts and maximize your engagement.


When to post on Pinterest depends on your business. For example, you can monitor which days of the week your competitors are posting. Some of them may be posting on Tuesday, while others may post on Wednesday. By using a tool like Tailwind, you can see when your competition is posting.

You can also use Google Analytics to track your traffic and learn when to post. This will help you determine when to post on Pinterest and promote your content. If you post during high traffic periods, your Pins will show up more frequently in search results. However, you need to post at appropriate times to ensure maximum engagement.

You can promote your Pinterest presence through social media, editorial, and email marketing. You can also create Rich Pins to include additional metadata about your content. These types of Pins contain extra metadata, such as the headline, author, and story description. You can also use Promoted Pins to target specific audiences. These Pins look like regular pins but are targeted by advertisers.

While most users of Pinterest come to the site to get inspiration, businesses in all sectors are also using it to advertise. This site is a great way to expose your brand to new consumers. Because people use it to share creative ideas, seek solutions, and express their individuality, fresh content is essential to attracting visitors.


There are certain times of the day that are best for posting to Pinterest. The health and wellness industry, for example, is a good candidate for posting during these peak hours. In addition, beauty businesses do best during those times as well. In general, posting during these times will help you reach your target audience.

The best time to post on Pinterest is between 8pm and 11pm (U.S. time). Other times of day to post include 2 p.m. and 4 a.m. These times are most beneficial for people in North America, as it’s when the majority of Pinterest users are online. However, early morning hours may not be ideal for international brands. Depending on the content that you want to post, you might want to post during these times.

Another good way to determine the best times to post on Pinterest is to study your analytics. You can use tools such as Google analytics to see how your content is performing and what content is getting the most traffic. These tools will also provide you with valuable information on how your website has evolved over time.

If you are looking for ways to increase the visibility of your business or blog, Pinterest is a great choice. Users on the platform are most active in the evenings and on weekends. Moreover, Pinterest takes user engagement into consideration when ranking pins. More engagement means more visibility.


Infographics are an excellent way to summarize blog posts, and they can also be used to lure readers to your site. You can include a call to action, or a link to your full infographic or other content, to encourage visitors to click through to your site. The key is to make sure your infographics are engaging and easy to navigate. Unfortunately, many infographics fail to drive traffic to websites.

Pinterest is a visual website and infographics are a great way to differentiate your content from your competitors. Users can scan through infographics and save them for later consumption. The layout is also easy to read, making infographics an ideal format for capturing the attention of your target audience.

Posting infographics can help your audience understand your brand and your product. Use images of varying sizes and colors to create engaging images. Use high-quality photos that reflect your brand’s aesthetic. Also, use original ideas that showcase your products.

Posting on Pinterest at the right time will increase the chances of engaging with your audience. Research shows that people on Pinterest are most likely to engage with Pins at specific times. If you can post during those times, your pins will get more attention and gain more authority in the platform’s algorithm.

The best time to post on Pinterest is between the times of day that your target audience is most active. For instance, Twitter is most active during morning rush hours while LinkedIn is most active during afternoon hours. Facebook users are active in the evenings and on weekends. Similarly, Pinterest users are most active in the morning and evening hours.

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