Complete Lead Generation Strategy For New Customers

Customer lead generation is the heart of every business. And for good reason. It means the difference between thriving and being out of business in short order. However, this vital aspect of every business can be the most challenging. This road-map to successful lead generation will help you to succeed.

Do you need more leads? It’s a rare business that doesn’t. B2B LinkedIn lead generation is one of the best strategies for generating profitable leads.

A Roadmap to Successful Online Lead Generation

Lead generation marketing utilizing SEO, PPC, email, social media, etc. is a complicated affair. To help get marketers acclimated to the terrain, Straight North created the Lead Generation Ecosystem infographic as a training tool. It proved to be so helpful the agency has made it available to the public. It’s a visual roadmap of what lead generation marketing campaigns should look like, and should help you spot missing links in your campaigns that are causing leads to be lost.

Perhaps the most important thing to look at: the two hexagons below the COMPANY WEBSITE — FORM SUBMISSION and PHONE CALL.

When visitors to the website convert, the conversion comes in as a phone call or a form submission. It is very, very important to properly and granularly track both types of conversions back to their marketing source. Without doing so, it is impossible to know which campaign (social, PPC, etc.) is responsible for the sales lead, which keyword is responsible, etc. In short, without proper tracking, continuous improvement of campaigns is impossible. All the other hexagons on the infographic below and to the right of the COMPANY WEBSITE dissolve into thin air.

While many companies do a good job tracking form submissions, phone calls are a different story. Google Analytics and other website analytics packages don’t support granular phone tracking; it must be set up separately. If a company tracks form submissions only, it is in a little better shape than a company that tracks neither — but not much! Phone inquiries are often the best sales leads of all, and when they are invisible, your campaign analysis and testing can be way off.

We hope this infographic gives you a roadmap to drive many more high-quality leads in your business! Take a look: