How to Make Money Online Without Affiliate Marketing?

How to Make Money Online Without Affiliate Marketing 

If you want to make money online but are hesitant to sign up for the affiliate marketing program, there are plenty of other ways to earn passive income. There are affiliate link programs, product reviews, and the Amazon Influencer Program, but how do you get started? Keep reading to learn about the most popular ways to make money online without affiliate marketing. You can earn from almost any online endeavor! You can even start your blog! 

Referral link programs 

If you’re looking for a new source of income, one option is referral link programs. For example, you can sign up for the referral link program of Rakuten, the company that used to be known as Ebates. When you refer a friend to Rakuten, you get $30 in cash. There are literally hundreds of referral link programs. You can earn money on referrals by simply thinking about how to get eyeballs on your referral link. 

Product reviews 

As an affiliate marketer, you can use your blog to write reviews for brands and products that interest you. The most effective places to place your ads are above the fold, the bottom of a post, and the 125×125 banner near the top right sidebar. You don’t need a professional camera to write a review, but a phone camera or computer will work just as well. When writing a review, make sure you give honest feedback, and only review products that you have actually used. You can also take screenshots of product websites to enhance your SEO, and add keywords that you want people to know about. 


Making money from HubPages is a great way to earn passive income by writing about your passion or interest. When people click on your content, ads are displayed on your page and you get a share of the revenue. You can even post videos on your hubs and earn extra money from them! Read on to learn how to use HubPages for passive income. Once you get the hang of it, you can make as much as $2 per hub per month! 

Amazon Influencer Program 

The Amazon Influencer Program is an extension of the Amazon Associate Program. Instead of having a website, Amazon Influencers curate a “Storefront” on Amazon and share a link to that page anywhere they want to promote a product. To be eligible for the influencer program, you must have a minimum number of followers. The amount of followers that you have and the engagement level will determine how much you can earn each month. 


If you love art and want to sell your pieces, you can make money online with Artmajeur, an art marketplace. Artmajeur is a French company that sells art worldwide and has an impressive 4.7/5 Trustpilot rating. You can sign up for a free Basic Account to start selling your art or you can pay $5 per month for a Platinum Account to get a 15% commission. However, there are some restrictions on your sales. 

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