Who Is Best Local SEO Company?

Omaha SEO by Phil Belleville 

Omaha SEO by Phil Belleville offers a variety of online marketing services to help small to medium sized businesses achieve high rankings in search engines. The company specializes in local and regional SEO strategies to increase business visibility in Google Maps and on other major search engines. They also offer an online intensive SEO class that teaches small to medium-sized business owners proven white-hat strategies that they can do right away to get their websites ranked in Google. 

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Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO 

Small businesses can benefit from local SEO more than many other types of marketing because it targets consumers in the immediate area of your business. Increasing local traffic doesn’t just mean more web visits and leads – it also means more conversions that result in paying customers or loyal fans for your business. 

Search engines like Google use local signals such as local content, social profile pages, links, and citations to provide the most relevant local results for a searcher’s location and intent. These factors are incredibly important to local SEO and should be practiced to the highest degree possible. 

Website Audits 

Website audits are an important part of any Omaha SEO strategy. A good audit can uncover issues that could be diverting traffic from your site, such as broken links and hidden content. 

Having a technical and content audit also ensures that your pages are up to date with SEO algorithms and are producing authentic, engaging and unique content with the right target keywords for searchers. 

Whether you have a small or large website, it is crucial that you conduct a full website audit at least once a year. This will give you a clear picture of how your site is performing and allow you to make changes accordingly. 

Keyword Research 

Keyword research is an important part of any SEO strategy. It’s the basis for everything from finding content topics to on-page optimization to email outreach. 

A good keyword research process should be ongoing and updated as search language changes and your audience’s needs change. 

The process starts with identifying seed keywords. These are the most generic terms that describe your business, product or service. These can be used to kickstart your wider keyword research and generate thousands of more ideas. 

On-Page Optimization 

On-page SEO is everything that you do on your own website to improve its search engine rankings. This includes things like keyword optimization, meta descriptions, title tags, and images. 

The more you optimize your pages for on-page SEO, the more likely they are to rank well on Google and drive traffic to your business. This makes on-page SEO one of the most important parts of an Omaha SEO strategy. 

In order to rank well on Google, you need to ensure that your pages are optimized for relevant searches and that they are written in a way that matches user intent. This means creating content that helps people and answers their queries quickly. 

Google Maps Optimization 

Google Maps optimization is a powerful way to increase your local SEO ranking and attract new customers. It can also help your business stand out in your industry. 

Omaha SEO suggests that a good Google Maps listing will include important information like your business location, phone number, and business hours. You may even want to add a link to your website so that visitors can easily find you online. 

Searchers can see two types of results when using Google Maps: proximity-based and ranked results. Ranked results are based on your business’s location and other factors, including customer reviews.