What is Online Reputation Management Marketing?

What is Online Reputation Management Marketing? 

When it comes to generating leads, online reputation management is essential to every business. This is because online data changes immediately, along with customer perceptions. A good online reputation management marketing strategy helps brands monitor their prospects and improve their services accordingly. In this article, we’ll review some of the basics of reputation management marketing. To learn more, download the PDF and start your research. Alternatively, you can also read our article on the basics of SEO and brand monitoring. 

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Review monitoring 

Keeping track of online reviews can make all the difference in improving your reputation. When potential customers read reviews about a business online, they are more likely to buy from that company than those who have never used it. Not only will this increase your reputation, but you will also be able to resolve any complaints that have been made. Keeping up with review activity is an important part of online reputation management marketing. Keeping up with customer feedback is essential in fostering customer loyalty and increasing revenues. 

Earned media 

Using earned media in online reputation management marketing has several advantages. As people today are constantly connected, anything they say or write about a brand can reach hundreds of thousands or millions of people. This is valuable exposure for a business because many people are influenced by the opinions of friends and family. Plus, the Internet makes it easier than ever to broadcast opinions to a captive audience around the world. Using earned media can also help brands build brand loyalty without spending a penny on marketing. 


Search engine optimization and online reputation management marketing go hand in hand. Although both strategies involve creating positive content, negative content can still rank high in search results. Fortunately, effective SEO techniques help to rank content. While it is impossible to achieve top rankings overnight, brands work with SEO reputation management agencies to shape the narratives conveyed by search results. Negative feedback and articles have already been indexed by Google, and to combat these, brands must remove them from the first page of search results. 

Brand monitoring 

Effective online reputation management requires speed, data selection, and observation. Forward-thinking companies are recognizing the importance of timely reputation management and online brand monitoring. Whether a mention is positive or negative, every word about a brand can have a significant impact on the company’s image and reputation. Brand monitoring tools can identify unfavorable conversations and recommend ways to improve customer experience. Using a brand monitoring tool can make the entire process more efficient and effective. 

Social media monitoring 

Keeping an eye on social media is an essential part of online reputation management marketing. Not only does social media monitoring help you keep track of comments and mentions, but it can also provide you with key insights. By monitoring your online reputation, you can track competitors, spot trends, and identify your customers’ sentiments. It can be done through direct mentions, comments on posts, and hashtags. In addition, you can monitor untagged mentions. 

Customer experience 

An online reputation management campaign will address all of these elements, including SEO tactics, content marketing, Voice of the Customer, and customer willingness to change. 77% of consumers say that they would leave a review if prompted by a company. These factors all go a long way in ensuring a positive customer experience. It’s also vital to monitor the responses to your marketing efforts across all channels.