What is Ecommerce Sites?

What are eCommerce Sites and Why Are They Important? 

There are many different eCommerce sites. Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, which is the world’s largest website and is ranked number three in the United States. Jack Ma founded Taobao, which is ranked number 11 globally and sixth in China. Tmall is ranked number one in China. Alibaba, Pierre Omidyar, Binnal, and Sachin Bansal have also created eCommerce sites. 

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Creating a distinctive eCommerce shopping experience 

Achieving a differentiated eCommerce shopping experience begins with reimagining your storefront. While online and brick-and-mortar stores have fundamental differences, creating an experience that will create happy customers and brand advocates is imperative for success. Here are a few ways to do just that: 

Creating a mobile-responsive site 

One of the most important reasons for implementing responsive design in your eCommerce site is the growing number of mobile users. If you’re not already mobile-friendly, you should consider doing so to boost traffic and sales. In addition to meeting your prospect’s expectations, responsive design will also allow for a better shopping experience across all devices. Here are a few tips for converting your eCommerce website into a mobile-friendly version. 

Providing detailed product descriptions 

Providing detailed product descriptions on eCommerce websites can significantly improve conversion rates. A thorough product description goes beyond mentioning features to provide the customer with as much information as possible about the item. By providing enough information, the description will encourage customers to buy. Read on to learn more about effective ways to write a product description. Listed below are some examples. (Another method is using bullet points.) Below are the benefits of providing detailed product descriptions on eCommerce sites. 

Providing easy navigation 

As important as a good category taxonomy, providing easy navigation on eCommerce sites is equally crucial. After all, what users see will determine whether they can find what they’re looking for and navigate your site intuitively. Here are 4 common mistakes that eCommerce map sites make when it comes to “Main Navigation.” 

Providing product reviews 

In addition to helping boost sales, providing product reviews is beneficial for search engine optimization (SEO) and branding. Google values unique content and rewards sites with it. This content will help your website gain rankings higher in the SERPs. Customer reviews can be a valuable asset to your site as they contain keywords your visitors will be searching for. Also, product reviews can improve your rankings on Google as they typically use natural language and long-tail keywords.