What is DHL Ecommerce?

What is DHL Ecommerce? 

DHL is a German logistics company that provides express mail, package delivery, and courier services. As part of the German logistics giant Deutsche Post, DHL delivers over 1.6 billion parcels annually. Here’s what you need to know about DHL’s eCommerce shipping capabilities. The DHL website will also give you a quick overview of the company’s cost structure. And don’t forget to check out their Tracking Milestones to stay on top of your shipping costs. 

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Tracking milestones 

DHL eCommerce tracking portals are designed to keep customers up-to-date on the status of their shipments. Milestone tracking updates let customers know when their packages are expected to arrive at the desired destination. DHL’s international packet plan includes milestone tracking updates and delivery confirmation in key destinations. eCommerce tracking numbers can range from two letters to 39 characters. These milestones help consumers track their packages in real-time. 

Most tracking systems only update major milestones along the way, which means that your package may still be in transit when you receive the first update. If the package isn’t shipped, it may show as “pending” for a few days before updating. To fix this, contact DHL eCommerce customer support. They should be able to assist you. If you’re unable to track your package, you can still contact the fulfillment center to have it picked up and shipped. 

Expedited Max delivery times 

DHL eCommerce provides an array of shipping options to suit the needs of online sellers. With its worldwide fulfillment network, it serves more than 154 million locations. The shipping rate of DHL eCommerce depends on a variety of factors. International shipping generally has higher rates and additional fees than domestic shipping. However, you can verify whether or not you are a high-volume seller before committing to a rate. 

DHL eCommerce allows outsourced fulfillment. This makes it possible to reduce the stock you keep on hand. DHL eCommerce warehouses are located across the country, enabling faster delivery times. DHL eCommerce also offers end-to-end tracking and a variety of e-commerce fulfillment options. This means that customers can track their packages from purchase to delivery. And for even more peace of mind, DHL eCommerce allows you to track the progress of your order. 

Global fulfillment network 

A global fulfillment network provides a variety of advantages for eCommerce businesses. These services help companies optimize shipments to all countries while breaking into the US market from another country. For example, by leveraging a global fulfillment network, an eCommerce company can break into the US market without the hassles of customs, as shipping costs are determined based on the size of each shipment. All leading shipping companies use a pricing technique called dimensional weight. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States and Europe, the need for international shipping services has grown. The global marketplace has expanded due to more trade and cross-border shipment agreements. The fastest growing country for eCommerce in China, and adding international shipping capabilities can increase revenue. To find a fulfillment provider with a global network, browse the services available below. If you’re looking for a global fulfillment provider, don’t forget to choose one with a strong distribution network and a large number of partners. 


Costs of DHL eCommerce shipping vary according to the number of products, location, and frequency of shipments. Before placing an order, merchants should contact DHL to obtain a quote. DHL will charge extra fees for certain services, such as remote area delivery and address correction. The company also charges a fuel surcharge, which is currently 9.25%. DHL has many services to choose from. 

DHL eCommerce is a great service for businesses, thanks to its worldwide reach, easy shipping and logistics, and simple return policies. Its order management system is flexible, allowing you to integrate your eCommerce orders with minimal effort. Additionally, you can easily generate shipping labels with DHL’s label creator, and follow your orders through their web portal. DHL eCommerce also offers business-to-business shipping options, including express delivery and international shipping.