What Is an SEO Specialist?

What Is an SEO Specialist? 

An SEO specialist is a person who is in charge of optimizing a website for search engines. This job involves a variety of different tasks, including link-building, analysis, and communication. An SEO specialist can expect to earn a salary of around $45k per year. These salaries are much higher than most other jobs, especially those in the tech industry. 

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Link building 

If you are looking for a way to boost your website’s SEO, you might want to consider hiring an SEO specialist who specializes in link building. Link building is an effective way to gain more exposure in your niche and get your content noticed by other websites. It also helps you to build credibility among your target audience. By creating relevant content and linking it to relevant websites, you can show Google that your content is valuable. 

A link building specialist must have a good understanding of SEO and the various techniques of link building. A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field would help. IT or communication-related degrees would also be useful. Link building is a time-sensitive job, so a sense of urgency and good communication skills are necessary. 


SEO specialists use various tools to evaluate different elements of a website. A common SEO tool is Ahrefs, which can analyze a site’s content and identify high-performing keywords. This tool can also find critical errors, duplicate and broken URLs, and images. Though different tools may do a similar job, their methods vary considerably. 

A good SEO specialist should be able to understand the data collected and interpret it correctly. Many tools are available today that make the task easier. Despite these tools, SEO specialists still need a good amount of knowledge. They must also know how to apply the insights gained from these tools. 


If you have the right skills, you can become a successful SEO specialist. SEO specialists need to be skilled in various aspects of writing, including content development and SEO. They must also be familiar with the latest search engine algorithms. They may also need to have coding skills. If you are interested in becoming an SEO specialist, you may want to look into a job training program through a job training platform such as Career Karma. 

An SEO specialist should be able to communicate effectively with clients and other team members. They must be able to communicate SEO strategies to clients, and explain why these strategies work. They should also be able to collaborate with other experts in the field to create effective SEO strategies. 

Business skills 

SEO specialists have strong analytical skills and are capable of identifying problems and developing solutions. They also possess business skills and may also manage social media accounts. They may report to a marketing director. In some instances, they work independently, but the work of an SEO specialist may require them to work with a team. 

SEO specialists should have excellent communication skills, as they will need to work with clients to explain complex concepts. They should also be able to work well with other team members. This is because they must collaborate with each other to create a strategic plan for a client. 


The average salary of an SEO specialist varies. According to ZipRecruiter, an SEO Specialist in the Chicago area earns $58,593 per year. This is about $1,625 higher than the national average. Additionally, the Chicago area ranks one of the highest for SEO Specialist salaries. You should have a bachelor’s degree to be considered for a position as an SEO Specialist. 

The salary of an SEO specialist varies from company to company and is often based on the size and number of clients the organization serves. As the field of SEO continues to grow and gain awareness, SEO specialist salaries will likely become more consistent over time.