What Is A Good Conversion Rate For eCommerce?

What Is A Good Conversion Rate For eCommerce? 

The question of “what is a good conversion rate for eCommerce” is a hot one among eCommerce entrepreneurs. This figure is based on how many visitors to a website purchased something within a certain period. The higher the number of purchases, the better. Your goal should be to attract visitors, convert them into buyers, and then get them to come back to your website. 

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Conversion rates vary from store to store, but the industry average is usually around three percent. You can’t expect every visitor to buy something, and the vast majority won’t either. That said, a three percent conversion rate is a good benchmark. A typical 100,000 visitors will make three purchases if you’re lucky. Your goal should be to increase your conversion rate, not just increase your traffic. 

For instance, the grocery industry has a conversion rate of 6.80%, which suggests that many consumers have permanently switched to online grocery shopping. Another high-performing industry is the travel and hospitality industry, with a conversion rate of 3.90%. The telecom and electronics industries have a conversion rate of 0.5% and 1.40%, respectively. Those are some pretty low conversion rates for eCommerce, but they’re still better than average. 

According to research conducted by Kibo Commerce, a good conversion rate is three percent. The conversion rate differs based on device, product category, audience, and digital marketing maturity. It’s important to note that this figure doesn’t represent a “good” conversion rate for every eCommerce site. In most cases, a conversion rate between three and five percent is considered to be an ideal goal. 


If you want to increase the number of online sales, you must know the right conversion rate for your eCommerce business. BigCommerce recommends that you aim for a conversion rate of 2% and above. While there are many factors determining the right conversion rate for eCommerce, the following are important factors that you should keep in mind. To start, you should know the average conversion rate for your category. This will help you set goals for your business and track its improvement. 

The conversion rate of an eCommerce site is considered high if the conversion is between two and five percent. Any conversion rate below this mark is generally bad, and a business that has a conversion rate of two to five percent has much room for improvement. The best way to improve this number is to experiment with different offers and variations to see which ones convert better. This will allow you to identify the most effective path to conversion and identify what works and doesn’t. You can even try remarketing to recapture those who had already shown intent. 

A good conversion rate for eCommerce depends on the industry you’re in. Some industries are higher than others, but if you’re selling high-end electronics, you’re unlikely to see the same conversion rate as a store selling cheap t-shirts. For example, a store with a loyal email list will have a higher conversion rate than one with a low email list. Regardless of your industry, if you’re aiming for a conversion rate of less than 2%, you need to re-evaluate your marketing funnel and try a new strategy.