What Are Some Of The Most Common Technical SEO Issues That An Expert Can Address?

What are some of the most common technical SEO issues that an expert can address?  

If you’re an SEO expert, chances are you’ve seen it all. You know the technical SEO issues that can prevent your clients from ranking well on search engines. And you probably have the tools to diagnose and correct them. But with so much to keep track of, it can be easy for even the most skilled SEO strategist to overlook one or two critical SEO technical challenges. 

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The SEO landscape is constantly changing. But a few nagging technical SEO issues remain common. If you’re not careful, these mistakes can hurt your website’s search rankings and lead to a poor user experience. The good news is that most of these SEO technical problems are avoidable, especially for enterprise-level websites. 

In this article, we asked SEO experts about the most common and damaging technical SEO mistakes that they’ve seen. We also included tips for how to fix them. 

Technical SEO encompasses nearly every aspect of a website, from the structure of page URLs to how content is organized on a site. That’s why it’s often the first area of a website to be overlooked when it comes to SEO improvements. 

According to Naghmeh, one of the most common technical blunders she sees on healthcare websites is incorrect site architecture. This is the way in which the content is organized on a website, and it can affect both user experience and organic search results. 

Another common error is missing alt tags on images. Search engines (and visually impaired visitors) rely on these tags to understand the meaning of an image, so they can index it properly and include it in relevant search results. Many website owners forget to include alt tags, but it’s an easy fix that can have a big impact. 

Broken links are an unfortunate technical SEO issue that can negatively impact search engine optimization. They’re frustrating for visitors and can hurt a site’s reputation, especially if they’re found in content that’s intended to be authoritative or useful. 

Duplicate content is a common technical SEO issue that can have serious consequences. This issue can occur when the same content appears on multiple pages or in different ways. For example, this can happen when ecommerce sites display the same products on several pages or when multiple languages are used in the same website. It can also occur when a printer-only version of a page is created and indexed separately from the main site or when a rel=canonical tag isn’t implemented correctly. 

SEO can be a tricky game to play, but with the right strategy and the help of new automated tools, it doesn’t have to be. By avoiding some of the most common technical SEO issues, you can improve your client’s search performance and give them a leg up on the competition. Whether you’re working with a small local business or an international enterprise, being aware of these errors can make all the difference. And with the free SEO Checker from Serpstat, you can easily identify and correct them.