How To Tell If Your SEO Company Is Doing Their Job?

How to Tell If Your SEO Company is Doing Their Job? 

If you’re a business owner, chances are you’ve hired an SEO agency to help you drive traffic, leads and revenue. You’ve paid them a lot of money to do this for you, and you want to be sure they are doing their job. But how do you know if your SEO is working? 

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The best way to tell if your SEO is doing its job is by monitoring several key metrics. These include traffic, time on site, bounce rate and conversions. You can use tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs to track these metrics and see if they are improving. 

1. Check the company’s reputation

Before you hand over your website to an SEO company, you should check its market status and make sure that it is trustworthy. This is because your online success depends on it. 

2. Ask for reports and keep track of them

A reputable SEO company will send you regular reports on how they are optimizing your website. These can be weekly or monthly and can be consolidated into a single report on request. 

3. Get references from their past clients

Before you hire any SEO company, you should get a list of their references. This is a good way to ensure that they have a positive reputation, and it can also give you a feel for how long they’ve been in the business. 

4. Listen carefully to their advice

One of the most important things an SEO can do for your business is to listen to what you want to achieve with search engine optimization. They should not only focus on improving your rankings, but they should be able to offer sound, holistic advice on how to improve your overall digital marketing strategy. 

5. Avoid unrealistic guarantees

When hiring an SEO, always avoid companies that promise you the world and promise to get your website on page one of Google in a short space of time. In reality, Google’s algorithms are changing all the time and there is no way to guarantee a top search ranking. 

6. Look for experience

A good rule of thumb is to look for a company with at least ten years of experience in the industry. Ideally, this should be an established company that has worked for a number of different clients across many sectors. 

7. Check their process

The best SEO companies are transparent about their processes and how they work on your website to deliver results. This is because SEO is a constantly evolving and fast-changing industry that requires a high level of skill to maintain, and it’s critical that your chosen agency has a solid strategy in place that will deliver on its promises. 

8. Check their SEO reporting

Finally, a reputable SEO company will provide you with a set of regular reports that include key metrics like backlink count, search engine rankings for high-priority keywords and organic traffic improvements. They should also be able to tie those changes to your revenue so you can see the impact of their work on your business.