How Much Money Do Online Marketers Make?

How Much Money Do Online Marketers Make?  

As the demand for digital content and services continues to grow at an astonishing pace, so too has the online marketing industry. Advertisers splurge on digital advertising to reach prospective customers who are increasingly spending their time on devices other than a computer or a phone. The result? An expanding revenue opportunity for anyone with a digital marketing business plan. According to eMarketer, the global digital advertising market will grow from $209.7 billion in 2018 to $307.7 billion by 2023. In other words, it’s getting more lucrative than ever before for companies that specialize in marketing through digital channels. Fortunately, eMarketer’s research indicates that over half of all marketers already have a plan in place for making money through their online business venture. So if you’re ready to learn how much money you can make as an online marketer, keep reading! 

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How Much Money Can You Make as an Online Marketer? 

The first question you should ask yourself is whether or not your business plan includes a digital marketing component. If it does, then the next thing to do is figure out how much money you need to make as an online marketer. Here are some basic tips for estimating your revenue: – Make a list of all the different revenue streams in your marketing strategy. – Define what percentage each revenue stream will contribute to total revenue and what conversion rate you’re willing to accept for that particular stream. For example, if you want to sell subscriptions, you might set the conversion rate at 1%. – Calculate how many hours per week it will take to run your online business and divide that by the number of staff members to determine how many hours they can work each week. This also helps account for any marketing activities that aren’t time-consuming like content writing. – Determine what percentage of your total revenue each member of the team will be responsible for generating. For instance, let’s say you have three employees: one employee heads up advertising, and two handle customer service and content writing respectively. Since advertising is such a large component of most businesses’ online revenues, let’s say that half of the team’s salaries go into advertising and half go into customer service/content writing salaries (and the remainder goes into overhead). 

The Total Annual Global Digital Advertising Market 

There are several ways to gauge the size of the digital advertising market, but let’s start by comparing it to some of the other major industries. The total annual global digital advertising market is currently $207 billion. This figure exceeds the annual global advertising revenue from billboard ads ($104.2 billion) and mobile ad spending ($66.8 billion). Now, let’s look at what these numbers translate into in terms of cost per click (CPC) and cost per thousand impressions (CPM). CPC: $10.52 CPM: $30.01 

How to Calculate the Average Return on Ad Spend for Marketers 

Before you can start calculating the average return on ad spending for marketers, you’ll need to determine how much each ad costs. This is where you’ll need to do some research. There are two methods for calculating the cost of an individual ad, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. One way to figure out the cost of an individual ad is to compare prices from other similar companies or services in your industry. If this is too difficult, you can use what’s known as a Cost-Per-Click model. With this model, you divide the price of one click by the number of clicks that result from it (the CPC). If a company charges $2 per click and they receive 1,000 clicks total over a month, then their average CPC would be $2 per click. If your company doesn’t currently have a PPC campaign going on, you can estimate how long it would take for your business plan to generate enough revenue with an average rate of return based on historical data from similar companies in your industry. To calculate this rate of return, you’ll need to work out what percentage of market share your company will capture through digital marketing efforts and multiply that number by your monthly revenue target (in dollars). For example: if your company plans on capturing 5 percent of the online market share with their digital marketing efforts to make $100k in revenue per month, then it will take them 20 months before they reach their goal. 

Estimate the Amount of Money You Can Earn as an Online Marketer 

eMarketer estimates that there will be a total of 191 million marketers worldwide in 2025. However, if you’re looking to earn a full-time income as an online marketer, then you may need to do more than just pick up any old digital marketing gig. There are plenty of ways to earn a living with digital marketing, but the most lucrative option is likely affiliate marketing and affiliate management. According to eMarketer, the average annual salary for affiliate marketers was $76,000 in 2017. Software and services marketers or advertisers are projected to make the most money of all types of digital marketers in 2018. In other words, these people are making more than anyone else who specializes in creating digital content for corporations. If you want to earn an income without having to work more than 20 hours a week, then affiliate marketing is your best bet. 

Bottom line 

Online marketers make the most money with digital advertising According to eMarketer, the global digital advertising market will grow from $209.7 billion in 2018 to $307.7 billion by 2023. In other words, it’s getting more lucrative than ever before for companies that specialize in marketing through digital channels. So if you’re ready to learn how much money you can make as an online marketer, keep reading! The biggest and most profitable area for online marketers is digital advertising. This is because digital advertising targets a specific audience and provides a greater level of precision than traditional methods like print or television ads. This allows companies to focus on their ideal customer base and reach them more effectively with different ad campaigns over time. Another reason why digital marketing makes the most money is its flexibility. With Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ads, it’s easy to customize your ad campaign by targeting different demographics and interests. Additionally, you can test out different ad designs to see which performs best among your target audience, which means you can have more of a hand in determining the success of your business venture.