Why You Should Add Videos to Your Website

Consumers are increasingly turning to video on the internet as a way to consume content, and your company should be ready to take advantage of this opportunity. According to statistics, video marketing is more likely to convert viewers into leads than reading. This is because video enables your firm to communicate with its customers simply yet effectively.

Statistics on Internet Video Consumption

  • Video viewing on the internet has increased by an average of 32% each year between 2013 and 2018. In the next few years, consumption is expected to grow continuously.
  • Currently, YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users across the world.
  • 85% of internet users within the U.S. consume content through online video
  • In 2021, the average person watched online videos for 100 minutes every day, an increase from 84 minutes in 2020
  • Internet videos will comprise more than 82% of total consumer internet traffic by 2022

Why Your Business Should Have Video On Your Website

There are many reasons for placing a video or several videos on your website:

Boost Your Rank on the Search Engine Results Pages
“Content is King,” as the old saying goes. Although search engine crawlers may not index the video’s content, optimizing its data makes all the difference.


Keywords in video titles, descriptions, and tags can assist increase SEO.

Optimized YouTube Channel

Google also owns YouTube, which is a built-in advantage for your company to have a more prominent presence on Google’s search engine results page.

Create an optimized channel for all of your video content, even if it’s on your actual website. The track and videos provide high-quality backlinks to your website as well as information about it.

1.Show Off Your Brand, Products, Services, and Company Personality

Video is a fantastic method to add humanity and engage with website visitors. This connection is part of the relationship and trust-building process. People buy from companies they respect, which can be aided by video.

2.Build Trust

Videos send signals that your product or service is credible. Even if a video is not watched, a subconscious trust signal between your company and the viewer. This is why having a video for your services or products may be an easy and effective strategy to elicit emotions in your consumer base that prompt them to contact you.

3.Stand Out From Your Competition

Many firms are still unaware of the significance of video, but that time is running out. As more businesses become aware of the power of online video marketing, your rivals may take advantage of the opportunity to position themselves ahead of you in search results and messaging.

Videos are an excellent method to attract new visitors and build long-term memory.

4.Video Provides a Better Website Experience and Retention Rate

In addition to the inert material on a website, a video adds more content and helps create a compelling experience for the viewer. Videos are an excellent way to develop a long-term connection with online consumers.

Consumers are more likely to remember your video than the content they can read on your competitor’s website. Add in the fact that video links are easily shareable, and you have an opportunity for your customers to post your content across their social platforms. 

Can I Use YouTube Videos on My Website?


It is strongly recommended that you utilize YouTube for your videos since Google owns it and even by itself is the second most popular search engine on the internet.

Several plugins may be utilized on your WordPress website’s backend dashboard to include playlists from your YouTube channel. The actual YouTube plugin is fantastic since it allows for freedom and control.

What Types of Videos Should I Make?

Make the most of all forms of video media for your business. Each form of the video should be used to convey a specific message. There are several options that all firms may use as promotional material, and each has its own set of advantages and drawbacks.

Introduction to the Business

Remember, this is your chance to introduce yourself and explain what your company does and why consumers choose you rather than your competitors. Consider it a micro-TV spot, but for the internet. A video like this is typically most effective when displayed on the website’s front page.

The Coca-Cola firm has thus far maintained a relatively low profile, which makes their newest “advertorial” all the more enjoyable. Here they want to take you on an adventure so that you’ll learn who they are!

Product and Services

TV and billboard advertising are commonplace, but advertising space for television and billboards is expensive. Online videos on your website and YouTube channel do not have to be restricted to a certain period, length, or style.

For example, the video below is significantly longer than a commercial, yet it provides additional information on the product to an industry-savvy customer that will be interested in it.

Customer Testimonials

A client’s personal experience with your firm speaks volumes. Consumers are more inclined to trust the experiences of their friends than a sales pitch any day, and a fantastic testimonial video that shows your client enjoying their expertise will get a better response than one with merely a caption that says, “We had a great time working with Company XYZ.” People can

The video is clear and sharp while also being friendly and genuine. It’s easy to see that the owner genuinely feels critical in a world filled with fake reviews and paid actors. Testimonial films are an excellent way to show how your firm can assist potential clients.


Who wants to read a lengthy how-to guide when YouTube has so many instructive videos? There are several answers to “how to….” queries on the internet. Instead of giving another random YouTuber more visitors to their channel, improve your company’s online films to answer questions relevant to your business. You may be shocked at how well your

Examples of Instructional Video:

This video about drywall finishing is an excellent illustration of an instructional video that understands the importance of keeping viewers engaged. The first step was for the film to be divided into numerous segments so that the viewer does not have to watch the entire 20-minute tutorial and choose the one that best meets their demands.

What Should I Avoid When Creating My Website’s Video?

When it comes to creating a video for your website, several things should be avoided. Remember, the objective is to create compelling content that elicits the RIGHT emotional response from your audience. Here are some suggestions for avoiding making a video that pulls you off track with your marketing plan:

Keep your message short and simple: Make sure you can hit all of your video’s hot spots in the time allowed. Don’t overuse your screen time, as it may affect viewership. If the topic is too wide to cover in the given time, break it down into many videos. KEEP YOUR VIEWERS’ ATTENTION!

Don’t bore your audience! Keep your video interesting. This will aid interaction and allow you to communicate your message effectively. People will zone out or exit a dull film that fails to engage them.

Shoot with a Script: This will assist you in keeping your video and message on track. Even if you are an expert in your field, using a script can help you stay focused. In addition, this will give the person in the video or doing the voice-over more confidence and help them avoid awkward silences and movements during filming.

Don’t Over Promote Your Business, BUT Make Sure You Have a Call-to-Action Included – You will lose part of the power of your message and marketing effort if you do not include a call to action in your video. Encourage your audience to complete the loop by providing a call-to-action that catches their attention emotionally and motivates them to take action! However, be cautious – don’t sell too much, or you could turn away.



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