Why do you need to know about Backlinks to competitors’ Websites? 

How to Find Out Who Your Competitors Are Linking To 

If you have a competitor, you may want to know about the backlinks they have to their websites. This is because your competitors may have used the same link-building strategy to get good backlinks. In other words, they are overthrowing your link-building strategy. But, you don’t need to worry, as there are tools for you to use to find out who your competitors are linking to. 

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Link building 

When it comes to SEO, there’s no doubt that backlinks to your competition’s website are extremely valuable. It’s important to note that sites that link to yours are not necessarily doing so for the same reasons. They’re likely using a different link-building strategy, or they’re simply trying to build their audience. However, if you can find sites that are linking to many of your competitors, you can approach them and ask for a link-building relationship. 

While not all competitor backlinks are gold, they’re still useful to analyze. Moreover, you won’t have to use a complicated strategy to get backlinks to your site. If you’re using a link-building service, you can find out where your competitors are weakest and where your strengths lie. This will allow you to improve your own link profile. If you’re relying on your own efforts, you should avoid the links that are linked to competitors’ websites. 

Influencer-based tactics 

When attempting to get backlinks from your competitors’ websites, you should consider using influencer-based marketing strategies. Influencer-based marketing campaigns can help you build links to your competitor’s website by using their social media accounts, YouTube videos, and blog posts. For example, luxury mattress manufacturer Leesa often gets influencers to review their mattresses, generating word-of-mouth marketing and gaining backlinks to the website. 

If you’re interested in collaborating with an influential blogger, you can copy their strategy to gain backlinks from their website. In addition, by following the influencer’s social media accounts, you’ll be able to identify new blogs and exploit their connections. The great thing about copying someone’s strategy is that it’s free, easy, and legal. And, it works! 

Page-level competitors 

You can use Ahrefs to locate page-level competitors. First, paste your primary keyword into Ahrefs, then scroll down to the SERP overview. Note which pages appear in the top ten for each keyword. It is helpful to keep track of these pages with a spreadsheet, such as Google Sheets. Also, note which domains are referring to the page. You can use these figures to forecast how much promotion effort you will need to invest. 

Your domain-level competitors are sites that compete with you for a specific SEO keyword. These websites should be primarily in the same industry and target the same organic keywords. Check out backlinks to page-level competitors’ websites as well. This way, you can find opportunities to get backlinks to your site. Backlinks to page-level competitors are especially useful in gaining traction for your site in search engines. 

Link analysis tools 

If you want to learn more about your competitors’ backlinks, you can use Link analysis tools to see how they’re linking to your competitors’ websites. You can get an overall view of how your competitors’ backlinks are affecting their rankings on search engines. To analyze competitors’ backlinks, you can use SEO tools that list competitor sites based on the number of organic keywords any two sites rank for. 

A good tool should also include domain distribution, which is important if you’re trying to understand how your competitors’ backlinks are being acquired. Some tools do this, but some don’t. Some tools even allow you to analyze competitors’ backlinks by anchor text. This information can reveal suspicious link acquisition strategies. Some tools will show you competitors’ link types, but you may want to use your own tool to get this information. 

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