What Is Web Hosting?

What Is Web Hosting? 

There are different types of web hosting. You can choose from Shared, Reseller, or Free/advertising financed hosting. We’ll also cover Other types. Having a website does not mean you’re a web developer. A web host can provide the technical expertise and infrastructure needed to make your website run smoothly. Read on to find out more. We also outline the advantages and disadvantages of each type. 

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Shared hosting 

What is Shared Hosting? Shared hosting is web hosting that allows multiple websites to share the same physical web server. The server is split between multiple users and each account is allocated a specific amount of bandwidth, RAM, and disk space. The idea behind this type of hosting is similar to a shared house where everyone has their own room but shares the same kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. This type of hosting is perfect for a small, personal website or a blog, as it’s inexpensive and offers plenty of resources. 

Compared to dedicated servers, shared hosting is much cheaper, allowing you to host as many websites as you want without compromising on features. Unlike a dedicated server, shared hosting also comes with no maintenance or monitoring fees, making it the most affordable option for many people. Make sure you ask about administration access, setup, and the best bang for your buck when choosing a hosting company. If you’re just starting out and aren’t sure which option to choose, consider shared hosting. 

Reseller hosting 

Reseller hosting is a business model where the client resells the web host’s bandwidth and storage space. Some hosts focus on high volume wholesale orders, while others only host resellers. This means the source web host makes less per unit of bandwidth or storage, but they offset that loss by charging less for overhead and support. Here’s how reseller hosting works. It gives you the same resources and features as a traditional web host, but you charge your customers a lower price for the service. 

Reseller hosting is similar to renting real-world housing. The owner leases the space, then sublet the rooms to a variety of clients. You’re in the business of making money. You’ll be leasing the space from the owner, but your clients will think you’re the real host. And you’ll be making a profit on that fee, too. You’ll still have to manage the properties. 

Free/advertising-financed hosting 

There are two types of web hosting available to anyone who wants to publish a website. Free/advertising-financed web hosting is the cheapest option, but comes with serious limitations. These hosting plans are usually only available for one year, and advertisers often refuse to pay, which is unfair and discourages legitimate users. However, if you have absolutely no other choice, free/advertising-financed web hosting is the way to go. 

Other types of web hosting 

If you are not tech-savvy, shared hosting is probably the way to go. This type of hosting doesn’t require any upkeep, maintenance, or SEO work, but it does require that you rent a server and power, as well as an internet uplink. There are also other types of web hosting, including reseller hosting, and Colocation. However, these are not as common as shared hosting. Here’s a look at each of these types of hosting. 

Dedicated server hosting is the most expensive form of web hosting. It refers to the physical server used to host your website. It gives you complete control over your website, giving you the highest level of performance. Dedicated servers come with a range of additional features, including system administrators and web-based control panels. Dedicated server hosting is expensive and requires a skilled technician. However, it is ideal for websites that expect to grow. 

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