Create Killer Graphics for Your Blog

How to Create Killer Graphics for Your Blog?

The first step to creating killer graphics for your blog is to give each piece of content a job. According to MeetEdgar, every piece of content should have a purpose. This includes images, graphics, and icons. Visual content can have a direct impact on website traffic, conversions, and engagement.

Less is more

There are some businesses that avoid using fancy graphics on their blogs in favor of simple designs. Some of these companies have their graphics designed by a professional, while others keep it simple and uncomplicated. There are a few ways to create killer blog graphics without a professional’s help.

Adding lines

To add lines to your social media images, you first need to make sure the image is recognizable. For the best results, you want to upload a visual that people will enjoy seeing. You can find these visuals on Pinterest and Facebook. You can then edit them in the Design Wizard.

Adding color

When using social media images for your blog, you need to keep the message in mind. Different colors evoke different emotions, so make sure you choose the right one. Red, for example, is often associated with passion and creativity. Orange, on the other hand, symbolizes youth and optimism. Green is associated with nature and health. It also promotes a sense of safety. Yellow, meanwhile, evokes happiness and curiosity.

Choose images that represent a variety of genders and races, and do not use the same image for every post. Also, make sure that each image serves a purpose in your content strategy. These images can help you achieve a better balance in your blog’s visual content. In addition to being attractive, they also provide more white space to your content, making it easier to read.

Adding icons

Adding icons to social media images for your website is a great way to connect your blog with various social networks. They can help your visitors learn more about the social network you’re associated with and keep your website uniform. Moreover, if you use the right icons, you don’t have to worry about annoying pop-up windows. In addition, they help your visitors learn more about new ways to interact with your business.

The first step in adding icons to social media images is to choose a style that best represents your blog. For example, if your blog is dedicated to food, you should use a food-related icon. In addition, you can use a design that reflects your blog’s style and theme. To make your icons, use Photoshop or Adobe InDesign. You should also make sure that the size of the icons does not exceed 60px.

Adding icons to social media images for your website is an excellent way to promote your social media pages and increase your brand awareness. These icons will help you build a larger following and increase your fan base. Be sure to place them in a prominent location to make it easier for visitors to click on them.

Choosing primary colors

When using colors to create your social media images, choose a palette that has at least five different colors. The palette should include two primary colors and two neutral colors. It should also include contrasting colors. These colors should complement one another and draw the viewer’s attention to a certain part of the image.

When choosing primary colors for your images, keep in mind that the colors you choose can affect your branding and user experience. It’s also important to understand what your products and services are about so you can choose the right color for them. For instance, purple is an excellent color choice for luxury goods and represents luxury, quality, and intrigue. Blue, on the other hand, is a reassuring color that conveys gentleness.

When choosing colors for your social media images, keep in mind that different hues convey different messages. You’ll need to understand which colors appeal to your audience, and which colors evoke different emotions. Orange and red are both great colors to use if you want to evoke feelings of creativity and youth. You can also choose yellow or brown for an optimistic feeling.

Adding negative space

Using negative space is a fantastic way to draw attention and direct the eye to the important items in an image. It also allows you to control how much the eye travels through the image. It is especially effective when used to highlight your brand identity and create user interaction. Use this technique to create images that are stunning and effective.

You don’t have to make the negative space all white or black. You just need to make sure that the pattern looks well-organized and isn’t too distracting. Using negative space around icons or text is also a great way to make your message stand out. Consider the example of a Casper advertisement where the text is in a big, bold font and surrounded by a lot of white space. You want the main message to stand out, so you need to make sure that the negative space is not overwhelming.

Negative space can be used to organize and frame your content. It makes the content look more appealing and easier to read. It can also increase the number of interactions a design can generate. Negative space can also help you optimize your design for your target audience. You can use templates like Venngage to make negative space a priority.

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