Whats Going On In Omaha Nebraska Today

Spend A Great Day In Omaha NE Today

Omaha is the largest city in the state of Nebraska. With the population of almost 500.000 residents (446.970 to be exact), you can imagine that there is so many things to do. After all population of Nebraska is near 1. 9 million people. And we are lucky, cause there are also many free events in Omaha. Below we shall look whats going on in Omaha today.

Free Events In Omaha

Firstly we like to point out some of the many free things you can do when visiting Omaha. Omaha Ne is well known for its many parades, like St Patrics Day, Cinco de Mayo and many others. If you’re visiting the state in that period you will see how crowded the streets can be. Furthermore, take a walk at Heartland of American Park where you can be part of an spectacular evening light show or simply take a “walk on Bob”, the famous pedestrian bridge, which is 3.000 ft. long and connects two states (Omaha and Iowa). It is a must to take your children to the famous Gene Leahy Pedestrian Mall in the downtown area, cause there are many lagoons, playgrounds and waterfalls. If you still want to walk, you must see First Nationals Spirit of Nebraska’s Wilderness and Pioneer Courage Park. The place, which will take you on historic tour with more than 100 bronze sculptures dedicated to the people who settled Omaha.

Shopping in Omaha And The Taste Of Nature

When you want to go shopping, you absolutelly must visit Old Market. That is a place where you can find something for everyone, clothing shoops, bookstores, art galleries, jewerly and furniture shops and more. And if youre in the mood for some more, you can visit Orpheum Theater and the Opera House, when youre done with your shopping.
Omaha is also a proud owner of Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, the huge complex with 13 floors and a large outside area. From other thing, there you can visit the largest indoor desert, rain forest or a swamp. Furthermore, visit the Omaha’s gorgeous Lauritzen Gardens, the most beautiful botanical gardens you can find or simply take you inner self to the OPPD Arboretum, the famous outdoor education area.

Omaha Art & Museums

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Jocelyn Arts Museum, Children’s Museum, Durham museum are only the a few of many more museums in Omaha (22 if were exact) and which one of them gives you the unique experience and takes you beyond your expectations. Jocelyn Arts Museum for example, is the masterpiece filled with more than 11.000 art pieces and can give you an unique experience.

Before we conclude, we must mention that Omaha is well known for its culinary tours, which are the perfect way to find out culinary of that region. I suggest that you take a tour with a riverboat named River City Star, go out ant night and experience the full spectre of Omahas nightlife, taste some of the food, the region has to offer, visit at least three or four center amusements or simply take a walk among many more parks and paths. And dont forget the famous Lewis & Clark.