What is the Correct Way to Spell Ecommerce?

What is the Correct Way to Spell Ecommerce?

Many people have wondered – what is the correct way to spell e-commerce? To start, you can use the hyphen in the word. If you are unsure of the difference, consider this: e-commerce can also be spelled as e-commerce. It’s important to use the correct spelling when writing in an e-commerce business. Otherwise, you’ll be misunderstood by your customers.

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e-commerce with a hyphen

The correct way to spell e-commerce is to add a hyphen to the end of the word. The correct spelling is not always obvious. It’s best to follow the AP stylebook as closely as possible. Also, e-commerce should be capitalized in the title and first sentence. Only the letter E should be capitalized. If you can’t make your audience understand your wording, you might as well avoid capitalising it altogether.

The Associated Press stylebook, the de facto standard for the news media, has recently issued a rule on the correct way to spell e-commerce with hyphens. The AP stylebook prefers the first spelling of email, while Merriam-Webster agrees with the hyphenation theorem. E-mail, however, is spelled without hyphens.

While e-commerce was originally called “e-shop,” e-commerce has grown to be one of the most mispronounced words in the English language. It originated from the French word “trade,” which is the root word of today’s word “commerce.”