What is the Biggest Trend in Online Marketing Today?

What is the Biggest Trend in Online Marketing Today? 

When it comes to marketing your business online, what is the biggest trend? Here are three of them: Video marketing, Programmatic advertising, and Visual search. Which one of these is right for your company? Let’s find out! Let’s begin with Video marketing. This digital trend is growing exponentially. Its impact on marketing has been tremendous. Watch this video to learn more about it. Then, learn about these other hot trends and apply them to your business. 

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Video marketing 

Consumers love video, and most of them will watch an ad if they want to purchase a product or service. According to a recent study, video ads are the number one way consumers learn about new brands, and they’re the most helpful form of content when it comes to shopping online. Moreover, 87% of consumers said that videos prompted them to purchase a product or service. Furthermore, they’re more likely to interact with brands after watching a video, so businesses are putting more focus on creating informative and engaging videos. 

Videos have become a natural part of consumers’ lives, and streaming services and YouTube have made this medium available to the public at large. Research shows that nearly half of prospective customers watch branded videos each week, and over half engage with video content daily. With this growing need for video content from brands, businesses that invest in video production are sure to be ahead of the curve. Some of the top types of video content include social videos, webinars, and demos. 

Programmatic advertising 

For years, marketers have debated whether programmatic advertising is a worthwhile endeavor or whether doing so in-house would be better. As more media buying companies are turning to programmatic advertising, this question has become less relevant. With the emergence of omnichannel marketing, marketers can now target multiple devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Omnichannel marketing uses programmatic ad technology to create customized ads across the various channels. 

It is possible to optimize campaign performance by utilizing data from wearable devices that can give advertisers a more detailed picture of their prospects’ behavior and lifestyle. By 2022, programmatic advertising will account for 88.2% of display ad spending, doubling the amount of dollars spent. In addition to targeting, programmatic advertising allows advertisers to analyze creative effectiveness in real time, and enables advertisers to optimize marketing messages to the right audiences. 

Visual search 

Visual search has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. It’s an increasingly powerful tool that recognizes objects in images and searches for similar images. For example, if you see a chair, you can search for a similar one by using the image. Current technology allows it to identify many shapes and outlines within an image. That means you can display relevant products or services to a user based on what they see. 

The concept is not new. It’s already being used extensively in the retail and eCommerce industries. A simple visual search can pull up similar products and provide directions on where to buy them. The same concept has also been applied to the travel industry, with Google Lens turning a person’s camera into a search bar. If you’ve ever stepped into a hotel and looked around in the window, you might have noticed a soaring amount of people looking at pictures and trying to figure out where to stay.