What is on Page in SEO?

What is on the Page in SEO? 

Search engine optimization is about making it easy for people to find information. If the information is unclear or difficult to find, people will skip the page and move on to another site. When designing your pages, try to place the information that people need first before the information that they’d like to know. This is known as the inverted pyramid method. 

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Meta description 

The meta description on your page plays a crucial role in attracting traffic from search engines. It should be informative, inspiring, and speak to the reader’s needs. It can even help you get new traction on older pages and grab more visibility on social media. 

Page title 

A page title is an important part of SEO. It should be informative and descriptive and should attract searchers’ attention. It is usually in the form of an H1 tag and can be found in the HEAD section of the web page. 

Image alt-text 

When optimizing for search engine optimization, it is vital to include image alt-text on your pages. Search engines look at image alt-text to determine if they are relevant to the content of the page. This can be as simple as including the image title and description. The text should be specific to the image, so the image will be better understood by search engines. The alt text should also be short, not more than 125 characters. 

Structured markup 

Structured markup on a page in SEO is the process of coding the content of your website so that it can be read by both people and search engines. It uses standardized terms, concepts, and implementations to help Google understand the content on a page. This helps websites rank higher in search results. 


One of the most important aspects of SEO is optimizing the content on your page. You can do this by incorporating relevant keywords into the content. This includes optimizing your page title, body text, and meta description. Make sure that the content of your page is keyword-rich and reflects the user’s intent. Hiring a professional SEO team or agency will help you with this. 


Readability on page is an important factor in SEO. It’s important for visitors and search engines alike because content that’s hard to read often leads to bounce rates. Better readability on your site means that your visitors stay on your page longer, which means a better SEO score. As a rule, content should be written in a way that the reader can understand it in a single glance.