What Is It Called in Ecommerce When You put Your Mouse Over a Product Picture and It Changes?

What is it Called in Ecommerce When You Put Your Mouse Over a Product Pic? 

If you’re not sure what it is you’re looking for in a product picture, don’t worry. In this article, you’ll learn how to zoom, double-tap zoom, and find the “Compatibility” image. This will help you decide whether you need to invest in a more comprehensive product photo, or if your images are sufficient for the purpose. 

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How do you get the zoom tool to appear when you hover your mouse over a product pic in eCommerce? Most of us are used to zooming on our desktop computers, but on mobile devices, we can’t always do that. Instead of using the mouse wheel, users can use a gesture icon or double-tap to zoom. These two methods are easier to use on mobile devices, but they’re not the only way to get the zoom you need. 

There are a few methods to achieve the zoom effect on your eCommerce site. First, you can use a jQuery plugin called ZooMove, which is free and open source. You can install ZooMove via npm, Bower, or Yarn. Once the plugin is installed, it can be minified and integrated into your site’s stylesheet. 

Double-tap zooming 

There are a few ways to get the same effect, and one way is by using a gesture icon. Double-tap zooming in eCommerce when you put your mouse over a product picture is one such gesture. In a pinch, you can use the gesture icon instead of clicking the mouse to zoom. You’ll find this helpful if you’re looking at a product in a gallery. 

In addition to implementing a click-to-zoom function, eCommerce sites should include a tool that will let customers click on a product image to view it on a larger scale. If a customer can’t zoom in on a mobile device, he or she may just turn their phone to landscape mode and continue looking. Half of the users were unhappy with their product image when comparing it to their desktop screen. This is especially relevant to products with multiple variants. 

Textural images 

When you put your mouse over a product picture, it shows a high-resolution texture image that gives shoppers a feel for the quality of the product. It also enables shoppers to zoom in on a close-up photo and see other, more detailed images of the product. For instance, a flashlight can be displayed holding a hand, so a shopper can easily see how big it is. 

Compatibility images 

When you put your mouse over a product pic, do you see a compatibility image? This image helps customers determine whether the product will work with their device. For example, an image of the proper charging port and tip on a cord can be helpful for users who want to purchase a charging cable for their device. In addition, compatibility images are helpful for products that work with each other. 

A compatibility image can help improve product list navigation by showing additional thumbnails. In our testing, we displayed another thumbnail related to the compatibility between the two products. For example, we displayed a second thumbnail for the camera and the laptop adapter to help users browse based on the compatibility of both products. Another example is showing a camera lens with a cushion sleeve, which if the camera will fit inside will be able to fit onto the bag. We also found that this secondary thumbnail helped users navigate our product list with more ease.