What Is Ecommerce Radio?

What Is Ecommerce Radio? 

Ecommerce radio is an emerging marketing channel which is becoming a favorite for businesses. It provides the consumers with news, entertainment, and education in a simple and convenient manner. This new medium has become very popular because of its low production cost, and it is one of the fastest ways to stay updated. You can also download podcasts for your convenience. They are complementary to traditional media and allow for maximum exposure. To know more, read this article! 

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Podcasts are a fast and convenient way to stay informed 

More people are turning to podcasts as a way to stay informed about ecommerce. In the US, 37% of people older than 12 listen to podcasts on average each month. In 2021, that number is projected to climb to 41%. Australia’s population has been listening to podcasts for longer – 56% listen monthly. Compared to the US population, a higher percentage of millennials listen to podcasts than the younger group. 

They educate 

If you’re interested in ecommerce, you might be interested in listening to an educational podcast like Ecommerce Fuel. This podcast helps budding entrepreneurs succeed by interviewing successful business leaders and entrepreneurs. Originally known as audio blogging, this form of radio started gaining popularity in the mid-2000s, when more people had access to the internet. Unlike traditional radio, educational podcasts are more focused on educating the listener rather than entertaining it. 

They are a complementary media 

Magazines and radio are complementary media, bringing repeat customers and attracting new ones. Magazines can tell engaging and educational stories and provide information on the latest promotions and sales, generating loyal customers. Repeat customers typically purchase more products, increasing the lifetime value of the relationship. Ecommerce radio can provide a similar service. LetGo, the app that allows users to sell and buy used items, uses radio to promote its business travel service.