What Does A Digital Marketing Specialist Do? 

What Does a Digital Marketing Specialist Do? 

As the world’s economy shifts to a more digitally oriented way of doing business, it’s essential for companies to find new ways to connect with customers. Whether that’s through social media, email, or online shopping, digital marketers are responsible for developing strategies to promote their company’s products and services. 

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The job description for a digital marketing specialist is typically very similar to that of a digital marketing manager. These professionals oversee a digital marketing team and assign specific tasks to them. However, they may also report to the marketing director or vice president in cases where they don’t have a digital marketing manager role. 

A digital marketing specialist is in charge of implementing and optimizing online advertising campaigns to generate brand awareness, e-commerce sales, and qualified leads through paid advertising channels. These include Google Ads, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook/Instagram, and retail ad sources like Amazon. They measure the effectiveness of these campaigns based on account KPIs. 

Typical qualifications for a digital marketing specialist are education and some relevant experience in digital marketing, business, or other related fields. In addition, it’s important to have a solid understanding of search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and email marketing. 

In order to succeed in this career, you’ll need to be a strong marketer with excellent written and verbal communication skills. You’ll also need to be able to manage multiple projects at once, prioritize responsibilities, and work well under pressure. 

As a digital marketing specialist, your responsibilities will often include planning and conducting research into the best ways to reach a targeted audience. This involves reviewing current trends in advertising, studying competitors, and determining what content is most effective for your customer base. 

It’s also important to know how to analyze results and track performance, so you can determine areas for improvement and growth. This requires the ability to collect and analyze data, such as email opens and clicks, and to communicate the information to your supervisor. 

This type of job is in high demand, so the salary can be very good. According to PayScale, the average digital marketing specialist earns between $40k and $60k per year. 

You’ll need to be willing to learn and adapt quickly as digital marketing changes so frequently. This means learning about all of the different social media platforms, the latest big tech shifts, and how to implement them to get your business to where it needs to be. 

The most successful digital marketing specialists will enjoy staying on top of new opportunities, but they’ll need to be able to stay objective about them and make smart decisions based on the best results. You’ll also need to be a great communicator, able to effectively explain your plans and why they’re the best way to achieve a company’s goals. 

As a digital marketing specialist, you’ll work at a variety of companies, ranging from small startups to large corporations. The majority of your time will be spent developing and managing digital marketing campaigns. The nature of this work also allows you to work remotely from home as long as there’s internet connectivity.