How to Use Your Ecommerce Blog to Attract New Followers and Sales

How to Use Your Ecommerce Blog to Attract New Followers and Sales 

Here are four ways to attract new followers to your eCommerce blog: Create engaging blog content, syndicate your blog content, and target repeat buyers. These strategies will ensure your blog attracts new readers, increase traffic to your site, and increase sales. You should also consider using your blog to generate additional revenue. To attract more followers, you should create a syndication campaign, make it easy for readers to find your blog content, and provide them with helpful tips on how to use your eCommerce blog to drive new followers and sales. 

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Creating engaging blog content 

You can increase the number of people who read your posts by adding pictures. Pictures help increase the readability of your blog posts, but only if they add value to your content. Pictures should only be used on short posts, less than 2,500 words. Include the words “you” and “I” throughout your blog posts to encourage conversation. And write a conclusion to your blog post so people will want to scroll down to the bottom of the post. Labeling your conclusion is also helpful to increase scroll-ability by 10%. 


Syndication for your eCommerce blog can be used to promote your newest products and to draw new followers. By allowing your content to appear on other sites, you can drive traffic to your site while ensuring that the original post gets attribution. By including canonical tags, syndicated posts can rank higher than the original post. Another overlooked source of content syndication is your email subscribers. These people may share your content with a larger audience than you think. 

Targeting repeat buyers 

There are many ways to draw new readers to your online store. For one thing, a blog offers readers easy access to your products and sales channels, while avoiding the spam and other negative effects of over-promising. You can also use visual tabs to direct readers to your latest posts, current events, or promos. Because online shoppers are visual, you can use pictures to highlight recent posts. Alternatively, you can put excerpts and titles for these images. 

Creating a color scheme 

When you start designing an eCommerce blog, you should consider what kind of colors will help attract your audience. If you’re selling luxury goods, a color scheme that evokes feelings of status, refinement, and wealth should be your priority. If your brand has a more health-conscious, eco-conscious focus, you should stick to greens, blues, yellows, and natural colors. To help you decide on a color palette, check out eCommerce websites and blogs in the same industry.