How To Take Video Of An Office Building For Marketing?

How to Take Video of an Office Building for Marketing? 

A video welcome is an excellent way to introduce your business or organization to potential clients. It can be shot in an existing workspace and feature your employees. The video should be as interesting as possible and show the best side of the business. To make the experience more appealing, take advantage of a variety of angles and lighting techniques. 

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The video should capture the outside and interior of the office building. The video should be between two and three minutes long. It should be interesting and compel viewers to make a decision. Moreover, no two videos should be the same; each should tell a story. 

Three-point lighting 

Before you begin shooting the video, make a master list of all the things you want to capture. You want to make sure to shoot the video in the “golden hour,” when the light is the softest. This time of day minimizes harsh light coming in through windows. Also, you want to make sure that all of the shots are shot in consistent light. In addition, you should use professional lighting to show off the quality of the space. You should also take advantage of wide angles and a tripod to panning across the space. 


Before you can start shooting, it is important to create a storyboard for the video you plan to produce. It should be based on the story, personality, and competitive advantage of your business. For example, if your business is a technology company, your storyboard should focus on the simplicity and functionality of your product. 


To create a professional video, you will need to follow certain rules. First, you must determine your target audience. You can do this by creating buyer personas and updating them with information about your target audience. In addition, you must consider the number of stakeholders involved in the video project. You can make a questionnaire for stakeholders to answer questions about their roles in the project. 

Audio quality 

Choosing the right audio quality for your video is very important. The audio should be natural sounding and not distorted. A high sample rate means that there is more detail and information in the audio file. The more detail you want, the higher the bitrate. Choose the bitrate that is best for your video based on how you plan to use it and how you plan to deliver it.