How to Market Jewelry Online?

How to Market Jewelry Online 

If you’re looking to sell jewelry online, there are many steps you can take. From social media to articles, from Google Trends to Etsy, here are a few tips to get you started. If you want to maximize your exposure, start by researching and understanding your target demographic. Knowing what jewelry they’re looking for and where they hang out can help you determine which marketing tactics will work best for you. Listed below are a few things you can do to reach your target audience. 

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Social media 

If you’re starting a jewelry business, one of the most important things to remember is to use social media as a tool to boost your brand loyalty. While your jewelry website is the hub, you need to use your social media accounts as spokes. The goal of social media is to drive new traffic to your website, so focus your efforts on growing your followers and fans. If you use these tools properly, your jewelry business will grow. 


If you are thinking about starting a jewelry business, one of the first things you should do is to determine your target audience and find out what type of customers you want to sell to. While you can sell to almost anyone, it’s best to focus on attracting the type of customers who will purchase your products. You can do this by asking customers post-purchase surveys and learning about what their interests are. Once you know your audience, you can begin to create content that will appeal to them. 

Google Trends 

There are many ways to increase your organic search traffic and boost your sales, but one of the most effective methods is to use Google Trends. This tool allows you to compare popular search terms over time. By using Google Trends, you can identify keywords and search terms that are outpacing your competition. Once you know what your competitors’ search terms are, you can focus on those terms. This way, you can create a more effective and profitable online marketing strategy. 


If you’re interested in selling handmade jewelry, one of the most important steps to make is setting a price for your items. When creating your prices, keep in mind that you need to account for the supplies and labor you put into your pieces, and profit, as well. On top of that, you have to account for Etsy fees, shipping costs, and other business expenses. To help you decide what you want to charge, browse similar items on Etsy to see what they’re selling for. While it’s tempting to copy the prices of other shops, make sure to follow your guidelines and make your unique jewelry items. 

Etsy as a sales channel 

One way to boost your business through Etsy as a sales channel for your jewelry is to make your shop look more sophisticated. Etsy has millions of visitors and an effective system for shop promotion. Buyers use the Etsy search engine to find items they like, so make sure your shop stands out. Here are some tips for attracting visitors to your store. First of all, ensure that you ship your products quickly and carefully. 

Shopify as an eCommerce builder 

There are several reasons why you might consider using Shopify as an eCommerce builder, and jewelry marketing is no exception. According to one estimate, 50% of online users leave their shopping carts without completing their purchases. Reasons for abandonment can include high shipping costs, changing their mind, or simply switching to something else that takes less time. To combat this, jewelry stores can utilize abandon cart recovery tools, such as Shopify’s built-in plugins and apps. 

Choosing a niche 

Once you decide to open a jewelry shop, you must choose a niche that people love. For example, if you are passionate about handmade jewelry, you should try selling it on eBay or Etsy. Alternatively, you can start an online jewelry store focusing on handmade pieces, such as artisan necklaces or statement earrings. The next step is to choose a business model. If you are on a budget, you can start with a free marketplace like eBay or Amazon.