How To Do An SEO Audit?

How to Do an SEO Audit? 

There are several aspects of SEO to consider when preparing a website for an audit. The most important of these are the technical aspects, such as the website’s page speed, error rate, duplicate content, and poor images. In addition, a website must be mobile-friendly and free from errors to allow the search engines to properly crawl it. An SEO audit must also take into consideration the design of the website and the content of the pages. 

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Content audit 

Conducting an SEO content audit is an essential step in the process of improving website performance. It will ensure that your content provides an exceptional user experience and improves your rankings in Google Search. A recent update by Google, the Helpful Content Update, aims to reduce the visibility of websites with low-quality content. The Helpful Content Update classifies websites according to their usefulness and the number of irrelevant and low-quality content on them. 

Technical SEO audit 

When it comes to search engine optimization, several technical issues can affect your website’s visibility and rank. A technical SEO audit helps you find and fix any issues that could cause your site to be overlooked by Google. Some of these issues may be as simple as duplicate content or broken links. In these cases, Google will mark your site as not relevant and will lower your ranking. 

Backlink audit 

An SEO backlink audit is a valuable tool to analyze your link profile. It is important to identify dead and broken links, spammy links, and toxic links. These should be removed from your backlink profile as soon as possible. 

Orphan pages 

An SEO audit for orphan pages is an important aspect of website optimization. These pages are difficult to access users and are not part of the overall website structure. While they may seem inconsequential, orphan pages waste the crawl budget and can be detrimental to the performance of your site. Fortunately, there are a few simple techniques that can help you remove orphan pages and improve their SEO performance. 

Identifying duplicate content in SERPs 

Duplicate content is a problem that affects your rankings on search engines. It is content that appears on multiple URLs of the same website. This can hurt crawlability, confuse search engines, and damage your rankings. Fortunately, there are solutions to the problem. 

Asking Google to re-crawl the site 

Performing an SEO audit requires the use of tools. These tools provide information on what pages are not being indexed and why. They also provide a report that includes a detailed description of any errors that are found on the site. The information on these reports is usually presented on a single screen, making them more user-friendly than the Search Console. Moreover, they help you find the best practices to resolve the issues.