How Much Does It Cost For A 2 Minute Only Medical Marketing Videos?

How Much Does It Cost For A 2-Minute Only Medical Marketing Video? 

If you’re interested in capturing your practice’s voice on video, it’s essential that you have a good video camera and audio recording equipment. Low audio quality will prevent your viewers from fully understanding your message. You can buy a decent microphone for around $200. Another visual problem is poor lighting. Poor lighting can prevent viewers from capturing the essence of your message. 

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Cost of location scouting 

Using a location scout to locate the best location is an important part of the production process. This person works closely with the director and producer to find the perfect location. Location scouting costs vary based on the location and the number of scouts needed. While the cost of location scouting for a 2 minute only medical marketing video is relatively inexpensive, it can quickly add up if you plan on filming at multiple locations. 

Cost of filming 

Medical marketing videos can be used for many purposes. They can help promote your practice to potential patients, show your facility’s capabilities, and excite investors. They can also help your practice separate itself from other businesses. Depending on your needs, you may want to invest in one or several videos. 

Filming a video can be expensive, especially if you want to use professional actors and actresses. Stock footage can be inexpensive, but high-quality 4K footage will cost more. Also, you’ll need to rent equipment and lighting to film your video. You’ll also need camera crew members. They’ll need to be hired by the Production Manager and will be paid at an industry standard rate. 

Cost of editing 

There are several factors that determine the cost of editing a 2 minute video. The minimum editing time for this type of video is five hours. The total amount of editing time will depend on the changes that you want made to the video. Be sure to communicate your requests in advance. 

Editors charge different rates depending on their level of experience and their location. New York and Los Angeles editors tend to command the highest rates. However, a more experienced editor might charge around $700/day, which is still pretty reasonable. Experienced editors work eight to ten hours a day. Some focus on the creative cut, while others deliver a broadcast-ready final. While the day rate depends on the level of work, the general range is from $800 to $1500.