How Much Can You Make Doing Ecommerce?

How Much Can You Make Doing Ecommerce? 

You can make money doing ecommerce by selling products online. There are two main ways to make money online: dropshipping and white/private labeling. Dropshipping places you between a supplier and consumer. This way, you don’t need to stock inventory and worry about fulfilling orders. White/private labeling involves purchasing premade products and applying your own private label. This method is best for specialty stores with related products. 

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Creating a functional store on Shopify 

When you first create a shop on Shopify, you will see a series of steps that outline how to add your products. You will be asked a few questions, like if you’re selling products in your brick and mortar store or online. You can select either option. Once the steps are finished, you’ll go to the backend and fill out the information for your product. If you’re using a free store template, you’ll want to go ahead and buy the one that suits your needs. Once you have done this, you will be directed to the Shopify admin panel, where you can start uploading your products. 

Pricing products 

The process of pricing products is crucial for a successful online business, but it is often overlooked by eCommerce entrepreneurs. They either guess at prices or simply copy competitors’ pricing. But pricing is an art and a science. This article breaks down the science behind pricing and how to use it to your advantage. It’s important to remember that human behavior is inherently irrational, so it’s important to create a pricing strategy that takes your competition into account. 

Using a payment processor to accept payments online 

Using a payment processor to accept payments on your website can make the process easier for your customers. These companies offer online account management, security, and convenience. There are several advantages to using a payment processor, but these features come with transaction fees. Since you’re part of the payment chain, you’ll have to pay interchange fees, assessment fees, and other fees. If you’re worried about these fees, a professional payment processor will help you make sure you’re in compliance and keep costs low. 


You may be wondering: “How much can you make doing ecommerce?” You may be interested to learn how many different methods of marketing you can utilize. For starters, you can use paid ads and use free social media to promote your products. Another way to increase your earnings is to diversify. Aside from increasing product sales, you can also use additional income streams such as affiliate marketing, affiliate programs, or business insurance. Regardless of your approach, you should consider the following guidelines to make the most out of your business. 


There are several factors to consider when setting a marketing budget for your ecommerce business. You’ll need to determine your goals for your business and determine how much you can spend on each of these activities. In general, you’ll want to spend between five and 12% of your total revenue on marketing. For younger companies, this amount might be closer to 12%, since you’ll want to fuel aggressive growth. For more established businesses, the number should be closer to 5%.