How Many Ecommerce Site Are Successful?

How to Determine If Your Ecommerce Website is Successful?

If you’re wondering how to determine if your eCommerce website is successful, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll cover 7 statistics that you can use to measure the success of your eCommerce site. You can use them to set realistic goals for your site and to gauge its success against its peers. These statistics include total revenue, sales per user, and time spent on site. 

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Characteristics of an effective 

A successful eCommerce site has several unique characteristics. It should be easy to use, provide a positive shopping experience, and inspire customers without using overly complicated terminology or patronizing language. A successful eCommerce site is designed with the user in mind, focusing on how to make the purchasing process as easy as possible, with the minimum steps and a simple password. A successful checkout process is easily implemented through user testing, and some platforms, such as Shopify, offer a very user-friendly checkout experience out of the box. 

Statistics to measure the success of your e-commerce site 

While you may be unable to track every single transaction on your website, these 7 statistics will help you determine the overall success of your e-commerce store. By looking at these statistics regularly, you can spot potential problems before they become large-scale ones. Depending on the amount of traffic and orders received, you can check these statistics daily or weekly to get a clearer picture of how well your site is doing. 

Accepting alternative payment options 

Although accepting credit cards is an essential part of running a successful online business, offering more than one form of payment is also vital for boosting business. According to the World Wide Web, the average shopping cart abandonment rate is 72.8%, meaning that more than 73% of shoppers will leave a website with a complicated checkout process in favor of another one. Accepting alternative payment methods will help you reach a broader audience and boost your sales. 


One way to increase your sales is to have customers write testimonials about their experiences with your products and services. These can be general statements of support, a brief explanation of their positive experience, or specific details about how your products or services have helped them. Most websites feature at least three testimonials, though some may have as few as one. It’s also important to note that too many testimonials can overshadow the rest of the site. To avoid this problem, you may wish to create a separate page with testimonials. The testimonials page can then be linked from the homepage. 

Location information 

While a virtual business may not necessarily benefit from localization, eCommerce sites that operate globally might find their content resonates with their local audience. The difficulty of localizing your content can stem from not knowing how location affects search demand and content resonance. Fortunately, there are easy steps to take to determine the impact of location on the performance of your eCommerce site.