Ecommerce Site, How to take Purchase History?

How to Take Purchase History From Your Ecommerce Site and Use It to Upsell 

Your eCommerce site can benefit from storing your customer’s purchase history. This can give you valuable insight into your customer’s preferences, needs, and more. This information is incredibly powerful in marketing, especially if you can use it to upsell products. Here are some ways you can use this data. Listed below are a few of the ways you can use your customer’s purchase history to your advantage. 

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Order history can be a powerful marketing tool 

One of the best ways to market an eCommerce site is to keep track of purchase history. This is especially useful if the customer’s previous purchases have been perishable. If you’ve sold some short-lived products, your email marketing campaigns can spark an interest in repurchasing those products. You can also keep track of customer preferences and needs. By retaining this data, you can provide personalized content to your customers, which makes your site more relevant to their needs and interests. 

It can be used to improve the experience of an eCommerce site 

Personalization is an effective way to build customer loyalty and improve the user experience of your eCommerce website. By tailoring content to meet customer needs, you can improve your UX and boost sales. A simple example of how personalization works is through IP address recognition. For instance, if a visitor from India lands on your website, you can show them a customized welcome message. You can also integrate a budget calculator into your site, which can help visitors find what they need. 

It can be used to upsell products 

One way to increase conversions is to upsell products to repeat customers. Upselling should not increase the total cost of an order by more than 25%, and it should not be more than $25. Moreover, you can use customer purchase history to choose personalized products. For example, a company selling cosmetics might recommend similar products to customers who have purchased similar items in the past. Moreover, many eCommerce sites show upgraded versions of products. By analyzing previous purchases and making appropriate suggestions, you can easily identify repeat buyers and opportunities for upselling products. 

Another effective way to upsell products is to promote similar products to the product a customer purchased. This way, a visitor can compare similar products and feel confident in their purchase decision. Popular products are more likely to be bought by customers. One example is Walmart, which displays popular products and uses a scrolling module on the product page. Adding reviews or ratings to a product may also spike its popularity.